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Russell Stutler: New Baker Street 221B illustration

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Baker Street

Baker Street 221b flat floor plan, ground-plan

Everyone knows the address of the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes: 221 B Baker Street, London. He hires a flat here, together with dr. Watson. The consulting detective lives on the first floor, while the doctor lodges on the second. Their landlady is Mrs. Hudson, who always exclaims against calling her a housekeeper in the BBC series.

Floor-plan based on the illustrations of Sidney Paget

Baker Street 221b ground-plan

A drawing from Ernest H. Short from around 1948 - it had been published in The Strand Magazine in 1950. His work was inspired by the illustrations of Sidney Paget. - Recommended site:Sidney Paget and Sherlock Holmes

Though Short's illustration is a little bit misleading. He drew as if the bedrooms of Holmes and Watson were adjacent, in the same floor, while in reality Holmes lived on the first floor and Watson's bedroom was above his apartment.

Floor-plan based on the description of Conan Doyle

Finally it was the American artist, Russell Stutler who created a plan faithful to the idea of Doyle. Before he started working, Stutler read all Sherlock stories twice, and during the sessions of drawing he improved the results according to the records of Conan.

It took Stutler 13 years to finish his enormous job (he started in 1995 and completed the drawing in 2008). His artwork is at present the most faithful portrayal of Sherlock’s home.

Baker Street 221b floor plan

New version - 2022:

Baker Street 221b floor plan

More information:

Russell Stutler has allowed his drawings to be published and mentions our webpage on his website. Thank you very much.

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