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Chapter 8. - The Game is On!


Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes (Chapter 1.)

Arriving at Baker Street, I gladly gave Mrs. Hudson a big hug, but we could only speak a few words, because Mycroft directed me into Sherlock’s living room.

’Look around, John! My agents have already searched this room thoroughly, but perhaps you find something that escaped their attention. Nedi Ran, will you please make a tea for us?’

’I drink it like Mycroft, thank you.’ – I said.

Mrs. Hudson offered her help, and the two women went to the kitchen. Now only the two of us were in the room.

’I don’t know, Mycroft….. A lot of time passed since my last investigation.’

’Just try it, and don’t waste my time with tricks. I will know if you lie that you didn’t find anything but you go and search for Sherlock alone. My agents tail you.’

’I’m fully aware of that. I help you if I can. But speaking about tricks, you are the one who cheats. No matter what you have said earlier, that treacherous snake carries on with you.’

’I removed her from the room – making tea was a good excuse. Don’t worry, I bite her head off by tomorrow!’

’I bet that head will be still on its place tomorrow.’

Mycroft glanced at me curiously, so I explained.

’The SAS base is classified. It does not appear on any maps. It’s not easy to find it, not even for your smart agent who has nothing to do with the SAS. Each person is thoroughly searched who arrives at the island. It’s impossible to sneak in, it would have been a miracle that a person in a miserable disguise, as you said, would manage to be there without any notice. Particularly not repeatedly. My opinion is that she has an admission, and you gave it to her. The slight differences on her uniform were needed to secure that no nurse or doctor could ask her to do a task she’s not qualified for. You were thinking I won’t notice. It’s true that I debunked her later on, but I didn’t reckon an unknown woman, who doesn’t bring any information from the Holmes brothers, doesn’t get acquainted with me, she just gives me vitamin C….. I also got it in London, it wasn’t suspicious at the beginning. But, you know, I’m not a genius, but I’m not an idiot either….. You are a man of high standing, security is important for you. You don’t let a traitor in your helicopter without handcuffs, or you don’t ask her to make tea. Why would you be interested in what she thinks about the death of Moriarty? I don’t like it when you treat me like a fool. It’s offensive. Offensive from you, and offensive from your brother as well. And yet, I still help you, Mycroft, if I can. Nedi Ran told me about the special treatment, and I know I had been in the best rehabilitative facility, and the best doctors treated me – with your approval. I could not work on the military base without your permit. You did a lot for me. You gave me a new life, on many levels. Thank you very much. I am really grateful.’

Mycroft seemed to be embarrassed. He nodded, then sat down.

’Try to find something.’

I took the book London AZ from the shelf. Took a look at page 221 – nothing.

Sherlock London AZ book


’My agents flipped through every book, but in vain.’ - Mycroft said. - ’Anyway, appearances were deceptive. I played with her, not with you. I have sent her to Hungary, and I found an elite clinic in Vienna for her mother. I didn’t even think about her when I received the news that her mother died. It turned out that she’s got no job, and her mother was the only reason for her to live. But there is hope even under the most cruel circumstances. It was on that very day that I got the message that you passed the tests to join the SAS – or, in other words, you have full control over your abilities again. I revocated Nedi Ran from Hungary to see that you fully recovered, and to eliminate the psychic strain she felt because of you. She arrived at the island in the morning, and left at the afternoon. But my brother escaped today. I came to bring you with me. She could have come back separately, She waited for hours every day. Her only task was to leave the vitamin C on your medicine cabinet. She always wanted to talk to you, but she was ashamed, and she still has remorse. However, when you told her name, it was clear to me that you’ve spoken. I noticed the signs telling she’s still in your room. I lured her out. And she ’escaped’….We have our logic games, our spy games, but I won’t give her IPOD membership back. She’s not good enough for an agent, doing some registrary work or making tea is fine for her.’

’I understand. It’s always convenient for a man to have a….’

’For Heaven’s sake! What do you mean? She could have been my daughter! Anyway, she’s not my sort of girl.’

’No, I didn’t want to say lover…. I meant a friend.’

’I don’t have friends.’

This came to my mind:

Sherlock don't have a friends

’Sure, neither of the Holmes brothers have friends. Well, then, what is she for you? A miniature crossword puzzle?’

’That’s an exaggeration. I roughly know her way of thinking, she rarely surprises me. But she’s loyal, she likes to work an often makes me laugh. Let’s call her…. a tool for killing time. She’s that – and nothing more.’

’Well, your life is surely very hard among all those diplomatic and statistic papers…. I wouldn’t be able to do that. And true loyality becomes even more rare upwards the hierarchy. I believe that you appreciate it….. A tool for killing time – that is far below the category of a friend…. Temporarily I had been this kind of tool for Sherlock too. But his video really surprised you. Tell me about it – why is he so angry with you?’

’Indeed, he surprised me. From the background I realized that the video had been made in one of my secret prisons. These two scoundrels cooperated for you. They wanted to do good – this is remittable. But the video made it clear that my brother planned his escape for a long time, and he needed the video to piss me off after it. Why he’s angry with me? I have no idea.’

’Well, you don’t tell it if you don’t want. But I’ll gladly listen to the story if you change your mind. That’s it! What if he left a message for you, not for me? I saw Sherlock’s umbrella downstairs.’

We went down. I opened the umbrella – nothing. Mycroft took a black light from his pocket. It revealed the following text: ’You haven’t won, Mycroft.’

’Blimey! Nice try, John.’

’Our hopes have flown away with the umbrella like Mary Poppins…. Flown away…. Of course, the bat!’

We ran upstairs. I took the framed box from the mantelpiece.

BBC Sherlock bat

’My agents surely checked the back of it’ – said Mycroft. ’But …’

’Sherlock has a much more morbid humor’ – we said together. I opened the frame, took out the bat and checked its back. Mycroft pointed at the small animal’s tummy.

’There’s a tiny zipper. He had sewn a brown pocket inside. The fur almost totally hides it.’

I put the bat to the table and dipped into the pocket.

’There’s something in here.’

We found four thin, heart-shaped silver medals. As we opened them, we saw the pictures of Sherlock and Irene Adler.

BBC Sherlock Irene Adler

’Try to put them back.’ We found nothing else. Then the ladies brought in the tea. After having our tea Mycroft took leave.

’Well, this had been an interesting evening.’– he said. ’You’ve made an amazing progress, John. The treatment was worth it.’

’I studied a lot as well. I played with Rubik’s cube and did lots of brain improving practices. I needed the treatment, but lots of my hard work were necessary to have these results.’

’Of course, of course. The brain is the biggest muscle, we have to exercise it. Nedi Ran, you should come and learn from John once a week. I suppose he can spend two hours with your teaching.’

’Do you want me to teach her?’ - I was very surprised.

’She has to improve a lot.’ – Mycroft answered.

’I don’t want this.’ – she remarked.

’That’s my command, Nedi Ran. John, you’ll get paid for the lessons. This way you earn some money and you won’t be bored. You kill two birds with one stone. Good night!’ - Mycroft headed for the door.

’Do not hope that we’ll get together. I have a girlfriend on the island. And if you decide that I have to live here, she’ll follow me. She likes London.’

’Who had been talking about love? Nonsense. Teach Nedi Ran – that’s all.’

He was almost at the door when I made an offer.

’One more thing, Mycroft. I don’t want to be followed. I inform you when I get to know something new – and you’ll do the same. I’m speaking seriously.’

Mycroft suddenly turned around. He coldly stared at me.

Mrs. Hudson was absolutely thunderstricken. She came at my side and whispered:

’Good heavens, John! How do you dare to speak with the ruler of Britain like that?’

I hugged her and stroked her shoulder to calm her down and to let her know I know what I’m doing.

Mycroft considered my words and we shook hands. He nodded, then left.

’John, you are brave! And you’re cool as well! Good luck!’ - said Nedi Ran, then followed her boss.

’What the hell was that?’ - asked Mrs. Hudson.

I answered with Sherlock’s famous phrase:
The Game is On, Mrs. Hudson! The Game is On!

Sherlock The deduction games is on

NEXT: Chapter 9. - The Red Circle

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Irene Adler

Irene Adler’s photo plays an important role in A Scandal in Bohemia.
The King of Bohemia entrusts Holmes to retrieve a compromising cabinet picture that shows him and Irene Adler together.

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Ernő Rubik Jr. Rubic Cube


Rubik’s Cube (its first name was Magic Cube) is a three-dimensional mechanic logic game that was invented in 1974 by Hungarian Ernő Rubik Jr, who is a sculptor, architect, designer, interior decorator, inventor and academic. Each face of the cube has a different colour and each consists of nine squares. Each face can be turned independently. To solve the puzzle, you have to return each face to have only one colour.


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Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

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