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We are very happy because our first game was very popular. As lots of correct answers arrived, our team decided to give away more keyrings, 15 instead of 10. Many thanks to all of you who participated. We had players from USA, Great Britain and from other countries as well.

The story of the game: The return of Moriarty

Question: Which Conan Doyle quote appears twice in the text?


We really love to play, that is why we had a little trick. TWO quotes appeared twice in the story to raise your awareness and to have a higher chance of winning. So the two answers are:

1. The game is afoot.

Originally this quote appears in Shakespeare’s Henry V (act III., scene 1.), so it was borrowed by Doyle. As we note in our article Dr. Watson’s deceptions regarding Sherlock Holmes, the good doctor errs when he thinks the detective is illiterate. Holmes often cited famous authors. Reading is important for the sleuth, because this way he can have an insight into the thoughts of others and he is able to collect information (We also have a section for the importance of reading: The importance of reading ). In the Moriarty theory John Watson uses the quote two times, but undoubtedly it is linked to Sherlock. He told it to Watson in The Adventure of the Abbey Grange and it became his trademark onscreen as well. Though in BBC’s Sherlock the phrase is changed into The game is on.

2. What one man can invent, another can discover.

Sherlock says it first in our story, then John reminds him of mentioning it. The sentence appears in The Adventure of the Dancing Men, and Jeremy Brett also tells it in the Granada series.

No one spotted both quotes, our players noticed just one of them. Some sent the answer several times, but this of course did not modified the chance to win. We chose randomly.

Thank you very much for playing with us. We hope we can launch another game in the future. Till then it is worth return to our site regularly, we always have interesting articles.

Benedict Cumberbatch BBC Sherlock keyring

1.   Fireflower - USA
2.   asc118 - United Kingdom
3.   MissMoriarty - United Kingdom
4.   lazynbored - Italy
5.   Captain-hammer-of-Asgard - USA
6.   Kassna - Germany
7.   BirdyG - USA
8.   Yamiline - France
9.   SueSue - USA
10.  therowanuk - United Kingdom
11.  lucikitti - USA
12.  Kidilink - USA
13.  vortexofdeduction - USA
14.  pretty_vacant - Croatia
15.  TiffLee - USA

There is no reason to be upset. Maybe you did not win, but you can download BBC Sherlock bookmark and board game from this link:

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