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BBC Sherlock series 4 Moriarty death


This theory had been published on the 22nd of May and we had a game connected to it which ended on the 5th of June. But Sherlock's Moriarty theory remains on the site without the game. You can read here: The return of Jim Moriarty

BBC Sherlock Moriarty fake death
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On Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 155th birthday we would like to present you a story and we launch a game. When you read the story and answer a question correctly, you can win Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) keyrings. We select ten persons by a draw and announce the winners on the 8th of June 2014.

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Please note that both the author of the story and the translator are familiar only with the dubbed version of the BBC series so there may be small inaccuracies in the text. We like classical adaptations the most. - We truly respect Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote the Canon, and everything else is fanfiction.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The game we launch is our game, not a BBC game. The story is by no means a prediction for the upcoming Season 4 or Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with sherlockian-sherlock.com link.

Sherlockian Holmesian


BBC Sherlock Baker Street phone

I heard my friend's agonizing voice in the phone.
’He is back. Moriarty is alive and he will kill me or send someone to do it, unless I go before him and die first....Goodbye, John’
’Sherlock! Sherlock, no! We will work things out....or you will, you always do.’
’I have run out of ideas. I have no other possibilities. There is no other way. He won.’
’Wait, wait, I'll be there soon...Give me some time, Sherlock....Just a little time, please....We talk things over...And you know what? I have an idea....you do not have to die...Everything will be fine,’ told I lie after lie while I rushed out of my consulting room.
’I don't really know, John...’
’Trust me, I beg you! Do you trust me?’
’Yes, I believe in John Watson,’ he told quietly after a little silence.
’Great, just give me some time, right? Don't do anything. I'll be there soon.’

I hurried as much as I could. Entering the Baker Street flat I stumbled upon the horrified Mrs. Hudson and there was an incredible mess in the house.

’He is very strange. I don't know what’s the problem with him....I fear the worst,’ said she and we both run up the stairs. Newspapers were scattered all the way. I slipped on one of them and fell, while I saw a black-and white photo for a moment. Mrs. Hudson kindly helped me up to my feet, when suddenly we heard the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

He likes classical music....and at last he doesn’t listen to Symphony No. 5....maybe there is hope....maybe he tamed down....There must be hope. Dear God, he must stay alive....I cannot loose him, not this way, by his own hands - I thought.

When I entered the room, he leaned above his desk, wearing a suit, as usual.

BBC Sherlock Baker Street 221b

’Goodbye, Mycroft,’ he said and put down his cellphone.
’I'm here, Sherlock....We are here,’ I gasped. He did not turn towards me, he stared at some newspapers on his desk. Picking up one he said:
’What is the meaning of it, Watson?' said Holmes, solemnly, as he laid down the paper. 'What object is served by this circle of misery and violence and fear? It must tend to some end, or else our universe is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable. But what end? There is the great standing perennial problem to which human reason is as far from an answer as ever.’ (Original Conan Doyle quote) I wanted to say something to encourage him, but he continued, ’There can only be a single meaning. People like Moriarty always win. A consulting criminal wins, and any other mean people can win too. There is no justice in the world, those win who cheat, steal and lie. I was convinced that when I observe things, deduce and go straight I can do something against them. But I was wrong. Life is not fair.’

’You stand in the way not merely of an individual, but of a mighty organization, the full extent of which you, with all your cleverness, have been unable to realize. You must stand clear, Mr. Holmes, or be trodden under foot,’ (Original Conan Doyle quote) told Mrs. Hudson startled.

’Please, Mrs. Hudson, not now! Sherlock, I know that you are lonely and you have to deal with many problems. I fully understand that you are afraid, but we can work it out. Move from that table. Someone may shoot you through the window. An assassination is what we need the least right now. I don't want you to get hurt. Let's talk!’

Sherlock turned towards us with a serious face and came closer.

’You really don't understand it, John, do you? Are you stupid? Mrs. Hudson is right,’ roared he, ’Jim can kill me, he can hire someone for the job, or he simply gets so much on my nerves at last that I commit suicide. One thing is sure: no matter which one happens, he wins. What Jim is playing with me is a multiplayer game, but all games last till there is a partner left to play with. I am a fly in his cobweb. And he is running me close,’ he grabbed my hand and pinched it, ’He dominates me and does not let me go. He torments me, it’s like dying,’ His grip became tighter and tighter. I wanted to ask him to let me go, but he continued, ’But I won’t be his playmate any more. I will be the faster. With my death I deprive him of his partner, I am not his puppet. He won, but I am the one who ends the game. It is not a huge merit, but that’s all what is left for me…It’s over!’ Suddenly there was a gun in his hand and he put the barrel into his mouth. I had no time to free my hand and knock it out of his, I heard the enormous bang and Mrs. Hudson pulled me away. I saw Sherlock lying on the floor, the blood flowing from his head and then I hustled out a screaming Mrs. Hudson of the room.

’I did not expect this....The carpet, my beautiful, large living room carpet,’ she said, battling for air in my arms at the corridor.
’I just can't believe it! He is dead and you worry about the carpet? How can you be so....or,’ I let her go and angrily run back into the room.
’If he is dead, I don't want to live either, Mrs. Hudson. Maybe there's another bullet in the gun,’ I put it into my mouth, pulled the trigger.....And nothing happened. I only heard the little click of a plastic revolver. Evidently I could not have heard it earlier because of the bigger noise. ’You are wise, Sherlock, very wise,’ I flopped down on the ground besides him.
’Well, it is a wrong day to die, isn't it?’ asked he.
’Yes, it is. Dear God, I almost fell for the trick again. The penny dropped only at the corridor. But, but....it was Moriarty's death, wasn't it?’
’Essentially, yes.’
’You see, you know what he did. You can find out everything.’
He nodded. ’What one man can invent another can discover.’ (Original Conan Doyle quote) Sherlock stood up and reached out his hand to Mrs. Hudson.
’Loneliness, many problems, shot, assassination. He mentioned them all. You owe me ten pounds.’

She unwillingly gave him the money and resentfully said, as she left the room, ’But my carpet….And always such a mess!’

’Okay, you knew that I will rush here, willing to help….but how did you exactly know what I will say?’
’I gave you some stimuli. Once you told me how much you respect president Kennedy and that you find the picture where he stands beside his desk very sad. You feel he is lonely, he has lots of problems. All I needed was a string to the stairs. I knew you will be in such a hurry that you won’t notice it. I even asked Mrs. Hudson to push you over in case you do not fall. I placed a paper with that particular photo on the top of the newspapers. I only had to be aware to use newspapers without striking pictures or headlines. This way the photo of John Fitzgerald Kennedy appeared in front of you for a little time and your mind focused on it.’
’Yes, I fell on that. And I did not realize that it was an ordinary piece of paper and not a newspaper…Wait, I check it!’
’As you wish.’
’It’s unbelievable,’ said I, returning with the paper, ’You gave a visual stimulus to my brain.’

President Kennedy

’Exactly. And what is more, both me and Mrs. Hudson gave hints on a huge criminal network and on a president who was killed ignominiously…This way you came to prevent my suicide, but suddenly you feared from assassination. Your brain seemed to realize a new possibility.’
’I’m sorry. I’m such an idiot.’
’No, no, no, don’t be like that, practically everyone is. But if we think the right way, we can find out things and everyone can be a genius. Use your brain! Is there anything else that you know, John?’
’Wait…wait…suicide…he…yes! The Ode to Joy. Mycroft did not call you. You just chose a ringtone when you heard us coming. Then you pretended to talk on the phone and at last you turned it off.’
’Excellent! Anything else?’
’I don’t know,’ moaned I, while he began to sing the Ode to Joy.
’This is the anthem of the European Union. A case in Europe, maybe?’
’A ringtone….is like the clothes you wear, it tells a lot about you,” he corrected me, „Just have a look at a personal computer or a mobile phone, listen to a tracklist or a ringtone…They all reflect the personality of their owners…..Will you please help me?’

He took off his suit. There was a transparent plastic sachet on his back, it contained the brown paint. A small tube led from it to Sherlock’s head and the tube was hidden by his hair. I removed the plasters and the other parts. Then I looked at the huge brown stain on the carpet.

’Is your blood brown? I did not even notice.’
’Our brain simultaneously receives lots and lots of information, and if it was able to process all of them it would become overloaded. That is why the brain filters some of the data and processes only the important ones. This is the reason why we forget things or their significance changes. You can see many examples for this in National Geographic’s Brain Games.’

He began to rub his head with a towel. ’I have to wash my hair,’ he grunted.

I did not mind the dirt on my hands. I sat down.

’We have to talk before that! The music…No one ever committed suicide after listening to the Ode to Joy. And you chose a ringtone for yourself.’
’Moriarty’s ringtone is Staying Alive from the Bee Gees.’
’So it was evident for you that he does not want to die.'
'Yes. I already knew it at the pool. I heard the music and he even told that it was a wrong day to die. Though he really surprised me.’
’How do you mean that?’
’How would you describe Jim?’
’He is a criminal….evil….wise….He created his own profession, just like you.’
’Anything else?’
’Well….he’s dangerous.’

Sherlock went to the fireplace. He picked up the skull and said:

’To be, or not to be. That is the question.’
’Of course! He is an actor. He is called Richard Brook.’

He put down the skull and looked at me.

’A name is nothing. Focus on his abilities. His profession is dangerous, just like mine. If you have a dangerous job, you have to act a lot. He is an actor, so he can disguise himself perfectly, his memory is excellent, he easily puts himself into the place of others. If it is needed, he can tolerate pain above the average, is highly adaptive and masterfully controls situations. He can be scornful, he can be offensive, he can be flattering and he can die abruptly if it is needed. He can remain in an inconvenient position for a long time. Holds his breath, does not wink…He can fall perfectly in every direction. My fall was his idea. We carefully planned everything, I chose the place. I feared that he might break our rules and attack me. I had the advantage of being familiar with the place, and at the same time I was stressed because of my upcoming death. He was waiting for me on the roof, he listened to Staying Alive. I thought he shows with it that he’s the winner, he’s the one who stays alive. We had our duel of words, he threatened me with the death of my friends. I knew that he had something in store. I must admit what he did was brilliant, but I expected his actions. He experienced several times that when a life is in danger I run to help or solve the riddles to save people.’
’The bombs on those people…’
’He knew that I am ready to sacrifice my own life for others. Earlier the cabbie also tested with his poison pills whether I am interested or not when he offers death as an intellectual challenge. No doubt that there was a bug in the cab, and in the building too. Maybe there were cameras too, and Moriarty followed the events. But he did not get the answer he wanted so much.’
’Because I shot the cabbie.’
’Sure, you totally checkmated him. Then the pool. He did not want to kill us there either. No, John. And the phone call arrived just in time. It was a simple test to see whether I am smart enough to aim at the bomb and whether I dare to sacrifice myself. He precisely arranged that call. He knew that the bomb won’t be on you by then…Do you remember? When we talked, he came closer. He played the poseur and left…..And I could free you from the bomb. He organized everything. We did what he expected, because that was the right thing to do in that situation….And he returned….Oh, yes, the game at the pool…The great game…He was wondering what our reaction will be. If I arrive late, if the bomb remains on you or if I do not aim at it, he simply leaves, because I am not an intellectual challenge for him. And our story ends.’
’I thought he was coward and the call came just in time and it was an excuse for him to leave. Or he got an important task as a consulting criminal.’
’Not at all! He’s not coward. He is very keen on the details, he is excellent at planning and combining. He is a professional, and he cruelly tests whether you are a match for him or not. He is a dangerous spider, the Napoleon of crime. (Original Conan Doyle quote) To measure up to such a mastermind or even beat him….that would top off my career.’
’Wait, Sherlock, wait! I don’t understand….If it was clear for him at the pool that you were ready to die….Why did he stop the events?’
’He had several reasons. He did not want to die. He created the situation, but if I shoot, I’m the one who ends it. This way I would have been able to choose my own and his doom. He simply could not allow this happen. He only wanted to know how effective is my brain at finding solutions in case of emergency. And then he came here to Baker Street and offered a more serious game. He stated I have to die, he even determined the way of it: the fall. If I die, he wins, if I survive, I am a match for him.’

A chill came over me. The awful day of the fall was still a terrible experience for me. Sherlock said:

’So I am preparing for death when he suddenly goes haywire. He becomes gentle, he seems to understand me. He seems frail and weak. He grabs my hand. He holds me tight as if I were his only support. I feel that something isn’t right. What if he has a knife or a gun and attacks me? But he does nothing. He talks to me…He plays for time very nicely, masterfully. What if his acknowledgements are real? Does that mean that I won? Yes, John, for a second I deluded myself with the fact that I won. I began to feel myself secure. I was so proud of myself that I outdid the genius Moriarty… And then there was a gun in his hand. I tried to get as far from him as possible, but he held me tight. In a situation like this the instinct to survive is stronger than anything, you don’t see, you don’t hear, all you want to do is escape… Jim knew this. While I retreat, he shoots. Not me, he shoots himself. What I will say now will be long, but things happened very fast on the roof…’
’I’m listening. Go on!’
’I heard the bang…I don’t really know whether it was caused by Jim or someone else. It is not too important, today Mrs. Hudson helped me doing it. When our brain connects noises with a spectacle, especially if it is a dangerous one, the source of noise becomes unimportant. We hear a sound that reminds us something, and when what we see is convincing, we think that we know the source…’
’In Brain Games you can see examples for this. Or a dubbed movie is essentially the same. Pictures and sound are separated, but when timing is fine, the whole is quite believable.’
’Exactly. So, I took a deep breath. I felt everything is ruined. He killed himself. I was shocked for a moment. I turned away. I was embarrassed, I gasped for air….Then it crossed my mind that no matter what happened, I have to jump. But his death was such a shock for me, it put me off. But I soon regained my self-control, I practice it for years, and I really need it for my job. There were two explanations. One is that he really killed himself, the other that this is only a trick and he is alive. If he is dead, that is great. My profession is the most important for me, I never denied this, John.’
’No, you told me that you are married to your job.’

It may be surprising for some of you that God is mentioned in the song, but Sherlock Holmes believed in Him.
Sherlock Holmes didn't believe in God

’That’s right. Jim became aware of it soon as well. He offered me the greatest intellectual challenge. If I loose him because he got out of the game, the excitement is over, or as he told it, he burns the heart out of me, he destroys the greatest challenge of my profession. I have to die even if he is alive, because my friends are in danger. Whether I really die or I fake my death and have to hide, he deprives me from my job. He burns my heart. Permanently or temporarily, but he burns it.’

He sighed. I felt it is still hard for him to talk about how Moriarty confused him.

’I did not know whether he was dead or alive…But my head began to clear after the shock. I thought of his ringtone, of his sentence It is a wrong day to die… And in addition, he could have ordered someone to kill me, but he did not do it yet. He loves to play. A dead man cannot play, and a dead consulting criminal is unable to earn money. If he is dead, he can’t see my fall….I was more and more sure that he was alive. At first it was unclear how could he survive a shot to his head. Then I remembered the cabbie who was the first to mention Moriarty’s name. He used a fake gun. I recognized it when we were sitting face to face. But Jim….he was superb on the roof. He also had a fake gun but his timing, his sudden reaction and every details were pitch perfect. These and the surprise made my brain unable to observe the gun. You were an army doctor, John, you served at battles, but during such a little time even you wouldn't have been able to recognize that the gun was a fake. Jim even made the sound of the shot. When I looked at him again, he was laying motionless. He reckoned that I will push him off. He is an actor, the way he dropped was very spectacular, but he skilfully smoothed his landing. The black paint also poured nicely. He used the same device that you saw on my back. I am sure that professional make-up artists helped him to hide the tube masterfully at delicate places, for example on his neck….The tube he used had several branches and was placed under his hair….That is why his blood flowed to different directions as if he had a frightening, demonic antler….I saw his black blood and I liked this morbid joke. I know that he also had some foam on his back. His coat hid many things... Important: I don’t see bone particles or pieces of his brain... Of course I did not stare at him for long, because even an actor has to wink sooner or later and he has to breath as well. I did not want him to uncover himself. On the roof he defeated me, but the fact that I knew that he is not dead will be a benefit for me in our next game. So next came my death. I had to say goodbye to you, John, to make my action believable.’

BBC Sherlock Moriarty fake death

’Wait a minute….Moriarty is a professional. But why didn’t he use red paint for the blood?’

’Because he loves to play. He loves excitement. If I notice that he is alive, it is a flick for me. If not and I do not jump, he can tell me what an idiot I had been. And there is the fake gun. Your mortal enemy having a fake gun in a dangerous situation is quite inconsequential. And he already had this trick with the cabbie, so he thought I wait something else from him. He used it in a new form. His death was a shock and at the same time an intellectual pleasure. It was a visual stimulus that pushed me to death – it took away my feeling of safety in no time. If I really want to die, it is another little victory for him. If I survive, it is proven that he is a master of tricks just like me, a master of life and death…. He is capable of anything what I can do…He is a man….and he is dead, because….’
’That’s what people do.’
’Exactly. So, John…I must admit I respect him for his intrepidity and cunning. He not only has new surprises, but he also uses slightly modified old tricks and he reckons with many possibilities….At least we have no time to be bored.’
’That’s true. And I can add this story to my blog.’
’It is great, John. Maybe it creates countless theories on how Jim survived. And don’t write the solution to encourage brainstorming.’
’There will be lots and lots of ideas, I am sure. We will read them all and then I reveal the truth…..Because this is how it really happened, isn’t it?’
’I don’t know…. You believe it or not?’
’No, no, no, don’t do that, please. Will this story be like your fall and I will never know what really happened? I feel so stupid and helpless.’
’You found out that the gun was fake. And you noticed other things as well.’
’Do you really mean it?’
’Of course. Just think of it. Take a deep breath, relax and say it.’
’Well…um…That’s it! I knew! I knew that Mycroft did not call you.’
’For example, yes. You see, John? You are clever. There’s a detective and a genius in everybody.’
’In me too? Do you really think so?’
’Of course. You only have to dare to trust yourself and use your brain. Just like the fans, you know.’
’Use my brain…So that’s why you were never pissed at them, though you read many silly things about your death.’
’Indeed. That huge amount of theories….Extreme ones, funny ones…Though this be madness, yet there is method in it. Well,’ smiled he, ’Some extreme theories originated from me, I sent them around online. It was a huge fun, they made Mycroft tear his hair…Did you notice that he has less hair than before? He owes it to me,’ told he proudly.
’Don’t pick at him!’
’All right, I won’t. I am thankful for him.’
’To the things he did for the success of your fall?’
’Yes, to that among many other things…’
’Wait….When I publish it all…New theories will be created to explain your death.’
’No problem. I like to read.’

Suddenly an idea came to my mind. I like to play too. I asked Sherlock:

’If you had to write a new theory on the fall….would you change anything in those circulating online?’
He sat in silence. But I had another idea. He proudly mentioned that Mycroft lost some hair thanks to him….I asked him:
’Why is Mycroft tearing his hair? What annoys him the most?’
’Everyone sees my fall from your point of view. What did John Watson see? What was hidden before him? What Watson sees, that is what fans see. And by this Mycroft’s grandiose plan is slightly damaged. Naturally I worked out some minor details….I jumped because of Jim, and everybody focuses on me and you…They’re focusing on you, John! As if I should have to convince you, but someone else had been targeted.
’What? Me…me? You want to say that it is my fault?’
’Oh, John….I haven’t said that….Everything went fine, you had to see things as you did….Your misery enhanced the feeling that everything is real…You have a blog. Our fans feel with you because you lost your friend in a dramatic way, and it touches many hearts. But think rationally for a moment. Who was dangerous? You John? No. The main point is here: on the roof I had to trick Moriarty and his confederates who were scattered around. And the latter had other points of view, they saw the events from a different point, not the place from where you did. My fall had to be real and accurate for them….. to be real at least for a while….because I did not die.’
’So that cyclist…he did not hit me on purpose?’
’I haven’t said that either…You are focusing on yourself again.

BBC Sherlock death jump

Many things were organized. I asked for Molly’s help, then had a talk with my brother. His people tested the fall with a dummy at the hospital. They used stains of dirt to mark the starting point on the roof and the point of landing on the pavement. They made several tests for safety reasons. There are materials that have memory. For example a special foam that preserves the form of the object what lays on it but when the object is removed the foam gets back its original form. You can stand or walk on such a foam. Mycroft’s people picked up the pavement and placed a special layer of foam to the area of my landing. This material was invented by British and Swedish scientists and will be available only around 2078, but memory foam mattresses are similar to it. Though I don’t recommend anybody to try them out as landing points of a fall like mine. This new material is much better. It adequately smoothed my landing, while the foam on my body and on the right position were also very important. To tell the truth, landing on my face from such a height was not so enjoyable, but pain never frightened me… After everything had been tested, the secret service camouflaged the special mattress. There are many possibilities: printing, three-dimensional artworks, and many scientists work for them. Nothing is impossible for the secret service. As the mattress was placed across the street, some bigger puddles were created around it to divert passers-by. A large puddle is a natural obstacle, people don’t go across them. And we needed puddles everywhere on the street... Then I sent a message to Jim telling where we will meet. A few hours later doctors and agents went to the street before the hospital and tested the anatomical effects of a fall from the roof with dummies. Molly was among the doctors. Though the dummy always fell on the mattress, it injured evidently all the time – or at least it seemed so. Then the street was cleaned and people began to try out a trampoline what firemen use to catch leapers. All these actions were needed to persuade Moriarty’s people that we have a plan. Then the trampoline was left on the back of a nearby car and the doctors went back to the building. Later, when I jumped, people were waiting for me with it. One of them acted a slip and pulled the whole rescue team away. So they were waiting for the landing of Sherlock Holmes, but he fell on the wrong place and died. You know, stopping one’s pulse for a while is easy, you can read many theories about it online. Thanks to Molly there was compatible blood from the hospital. My people went evidently haywire and began to quarrel because of the missed action. They lifted my body and carried me farther. Laid me down, because it can be dangerous to move an unconscious body…. My motionless body enhanced the illusion of death... That is why I was lying in line with the building at last.’
’Your posture! Really, I saw your body in line with the hospital…Dear God!’
’Someone rushes into the hospital for help. If there is a hitman around, he focuses on my body. By moving it the distance from the camouflaged mattress increases, and the very place where someone died not long ago is not interesting any more. There is maybe some blood, but who cares? No one thinks that the pavement can be soft. Everyone focuses on the man who fell. And a cyclist just hit someone on the corner, and this fact is also good for diverting attention.’
’You knew that I will come.’
’Yes, you were pretty smart to realize that I am in trouble, but I could easily persuade you to come. You fainted after you’ve been hit, so you only missed Mycroft’s quarrelling agents. What is more, your fainting was the best solution, because the cyclist was ordered to hold you up. When you began to stagger to your feet, Mycroft’s agents throwed the trampoline back to the car. Some of the helpers drove away with the car, they were hiding under the sheets. Others mingled with the crowd. And I stopped my pulse, so my death seemed real. It was vital to make everybody believe that the secret service was waiting for my landing but their mission went all awry. If I am dead, hitmen don’t have to kill my friends, but some kind of action was needed….It would have been hard-to-believe that the genius sleuth jumps off the roof without any attempts to save his life.’
’No one would believe it…except me. I’m an idiot.’
’Before God we are equally wise – and equally foolish,’ he quoted Albert Einstein. I was so grateful for his cordial words.

BBC Sherlock hospital jump

’The pavement,’ he told, ’Not a single theory circulating online let my body reach the pavement. Everyone forgot that the crucial thing was to escape the notice of Moriarty’s people, not yours. That is the reason why Mycroft let me fall on the pavement. But this is just another theory. Maybe it is not true at all.’
’But if it’s not true why are you telling it? Why are you expending time on it?’
’I love to make theories. It exercises my brain,’ he said and smiled, ’Anyway, you asked me to tell the story.’
’Yes, but so many things had happened and there are so many theories around. I am flustered. I do’t know what is true and what is false. If someone would find out what really happened on the roof, would you tell me that it is the truth?’
’Perhaps so, perhaps not.’
’But what if there will be lots of false theories again?’
’No problem, at least you and the fans filter out what is impossible….and when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,’ (Original Conan Doyle quote) he smiled, ’The fans….they are all heroes who took the first step.’
’The first step to what?’
’Not to feel themselves stupid and helpless.’
’They are neither of those.’
’I know. Yet many wonderful people feel themselves less valuable than they really are and they even think they are losers. But now they began to use their brains. They dare to observe things, to concentrate on the facts and to deduce. If their theory is false, they are flexible and create another one. They start to build up trains of thoughts, to find connections with taking account of reality. Unfortunately in many cases these things are not taught for generations, though it would be the important task of parents and schools – these are necessary for everyday life. It is a must to be brave enough to build up trains of thoughts, from quality thoughts. This way our life will be effective and we can be creative and active. It is also important to apply the things we find out not only to fictional characters, but to ourselves and to our environment as well. Dare to observe others, dare to deduce and dare to communicate! This way we can find the answers to such significant questions which I asked you when you entered. Why are tragedies in the world? What can we do to avoid them? We can only win if we use our brains.’
’That’s true. So….I don’t know whether what you told about Jim’s death is true…..It seems convincing, but I have doubts after having gone through so many things together….Maybe what you said about your fall is also false…Maybe some of your fans already found out what happened… What one man can invent another can discover. (Original Conan Doyle quote) You said so. Yes, it may be so that someone solved the mistery….Honestly, would you admit that someone guessed it right?’
’Perhaps so, perhaps not.’
’Sherlock, don’t do that again! You are only playing. You do it all the time. I have doubts.’
’That’s all right. An excellent brain dares to re-examine the events. And when you interpret the things the right way, facts can be used as crutches. It is important to observe and translate them correctly.’
’But what if I will doubt everything? Isn’t it paranoid?’
’Considering the facts helps to avoid it. When we translate the events of everyday life correctly, we see things as they really are.’
’Brainy is the new sexy. But Sherlock…..It is a fact that Moriarty returned. So the game is afoot again?’
’Yes, for a while.’
’That’s great.’
’We will see,’ said he and his face became sullen.
’Don’t joke! You try to fool me. Everything is fine now, there’s no danger.’
’John….I know the rules….and Jim can use an old trick again, in some new form….it’s not necessarily good….If I do not take care, it can easily mean my fall, my failure.’
’What do you mean?’
’Our brain can filter out some stimuli because they appear again and again and it gets used to them. Bringing back old, familiar games is a mean trick. It is built up to the prospective reaction of decreasing attention, because I do not expect the same old tricks again, I feel there is no danger and I make a mistake…I have to be very careful. Even the best players can err, or the participants get tired of the game when it does not end…Boredom can make me careless, while it may urge Jim to end the game aggressively….Real death is a highly possible option,’ he thrilled.
'But why is Moriarty playing games like that?'
'Because Mycroft plans to...no, I'm not allowed to talk about it yet.'
’Sherlock, if I can do anything to help….I do everything. You can always fall back on me….And on Mrs. Hudson and on your fans too.’
’I know and I am grateful for that,’ told he and went into the bathroom.
’Then I write the whole story on my blog. Have you got any message to your fans?’
’That’s elementary, John. My message is: The game is still on.’

Since then I was thinking a lot on Sherlock’s words, but unfortunately he did not tell more about the events. Now I share with you my findings. I already realized that on that terrible day Mycroft Holmes was nowhere near to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. Most likely he did his usual tasks with his tipical self-control to not to make a stir. He sent his best people to the hospital from the secret service and from the IPOD CLUB (Intellectual Parasites Of Diogenes Club). I know that before Sherlock called Jim to the roof the Holmes brothers already arranged everything and the mechanism was started….Yes, this is a great game between three brilliant minds: Sherlock, Jim and Mycroft. I also know that each of them will use me for their own purposes in the game. Maybe Moriarty kidnaps me and makes me wear a bomb. The Holmes brothers observe my reactions in different situations. This is a crazy and dangerous game, but it still excites me. Beacuse walking with Sherlock Holmes is like walking on a battlefield. I live, because I try hard to stay alive and there are people who take care of me. I like the thrill of battle. Yet to my mind it is a much greater thrill that such an extraordinary man like Sherlock Holmes gifted me with his friendship. He accepts me as I am. He trusts me and spends a lot of time with me. With him learning is an enjoyable game. Bombs, criminals, dangers don’t matter. What matters is that there is someone who is the part of your life, who is able to change the world. And Sherlock Holmes is such a person….He knows that this planet is his home, and he has an effect to the world. He is not yet such a sophisticated gentleman like his brother, but he can improve. I strongly hope that Sherlock won’t kill anybody again. The days that we spend together make us both better persons. There was a time when I lost control over my life and the only reason for my survival was that I was afraid….I was afraid both to die and to keep on living…I thought I was a loser, but it was not true. Sherlock knows very well that when we observe things, when we dare to deduce, we can better understand what happens around us and why. This way we create the chance of being winners. Our days will be more comfortable, and we feel at home in the world. Now I love to wake up each morning, and I am looking forward to the gifts of every new day. Using my brain is my task. I’m thinking about a lot how to make the life of Mary and our baby better. My wife’s every smile makes me happy. I am a married man, time passes but I am never bored. I learned that thoughts are useful remedies for boredom and routine. I often contemplate on Mary. Every day I discover some new cute characteristic in her what makes me love her even more. I even look at my patients differently. I know that they are also important. They have their dreams, emotions, problems and fantastic thoughts. Each of them is a Sherlock Holmes who is able to change the world and who is important for others. Unfortunately some of them cannot believe it yet…They think they are losers but it is not true. There is need for them too. Each day they have the chance to learn to live life as an adventure, not just endure day after day. I have already learnt it, so they can follow my example. We can improve together, because we are all participants in a wonderful game called Life. A new life arrives soon to my and Mary’s home. I will never tell my child that there is no hope or that the world is a cruel and unfair place and we can do nothing to change it. I will always encourage my child to be brave enough to observe the events and to consider what can be done to make the world a better place. I will encourage my child to dare to play just like Sherlock Holmes. No one has to believe that he/she is a victim of life, because when you see the world as your home, it becomes a beautiful place, better than anything that movies, dreams or virtuality may create. You may be a genius like Mycroft, a brilliant mind like Sherlock or a beginner on the long way of rational thinking like me – there is a need for all kinds of people. And the game is afoot every day. I learned a lot from my dear extraordinary friend, and I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

The Lion King - Circle of Life
BBC Sherlock John Watson

Kind regards,
John Watson

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