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Sherlock series 5 The return of Sherlock Holmes

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BBC Sherlock series 5 season episode 1-2.



Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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BBC Sherlock Mycroft's office

I spent the night of the assassination and the following day in Mycroft’s Diogenes Club. His opinion was we have to be cautious. During the crime scene investigation the huge display screen exploded. This brought a last shock for that tragic day, and perhaps destroyed some vital evidence as well. The agents examined the debris and found out that the controller was in the platform of the display, and someone cut the cable connected to Anderson’s control panel in the small chamber. The killing machine of the merry-go-round was an engineer’s masterpiece, planned for murder. I know these facts because I was allowed to be at the conference of agents and police forces on Saturday, which had been held at Mycroft’s office.

The following people were present: Mycroft, the ruler of England; Vestmenfort; Donovan, who braced herself up after the shock and myself. Sadly Anderson and Molly were still freaked out, though perhaps Mycroft would not want to invite them at all. Irene Adler was absent too, reportedly she had other tasks to do. This was mentioned by Mycroft, but he did not give a detailed explanation. Another interesting thing was revealed in connection with Miss Adler. All the invitations were found in Anderson’s small chamber. Each mentioned fun and some prize, but one of them was considerably different. That one was written on the official IPOD Club letter paper. Because of this, the Club’s stamp and the signed „M”, Irene Adler believed she received an official invitation from the Club. She was not a club member and was not familiar with the cases of the IPOD Club agents, as she was a higher rank.

Vestmenfort reported that IPOD Club member Steven D. Lamerchino was caught, who once smuggled out a stamped letter paper. With the help of surveillance footage some other conspirators were identified as well, but they committed suicide by biting on a cyanide capsule built in one of their teeth. Lamerchino did the same. Detectives have not found anything at their flats and workplaces, which implies that they had a secret meeting place for conspiracy, or they used a code we did not know yet. Vestmenfort draw the conclusion that there is a professional conspiration.

’That’s indisputable’ said Mycroft. ’These criminals have new, interesting tricks.’

’Maybe we should check the family members, whether they transfer larger sums. This could give us a lead.’ suggested Lestrade, but the agent responded.

’Excellent idea, but the track is cold. I checked it already. They were singles, and all had incurable illnesses – even Lamerchino’ Mycroft raised an eyebrow hearing this (maybe I’m wrong, but I felt he did not know about it).

’The fact that the criminals readily sacrifice themelves deprives us from many traces’ Vestmenfort commiserated. His boss answered.

’Perhaps we’ll find members who are not so fond of suicide…. The best would be to catch the leaders. When you cut the snake’s head, it dies…. The IPOD Club is my smallest organization, most of the members do not have any tasks. Those who work are used for charity work or courier. The majority of them aren’t allowed to enter secret service buildings or to have confidential information. I never thought that such a simple charity organization can be used for committing crimes, but I’m willing to learn. This was the first time – and the last one as well. From now on, every member of the secret service will get an email notification about the cases of the IPOD Club. I don’t want mean tricks. What about Nedi Ran?’

’She’s still unconscious, but the doctors say she will survive it. Fortunately she landed on the grass, and she was smart enough to stretch her arms, what softened her landing. She’s in the best hospital’ said Vestmenfort. ’And she’s always turning up like a bad penny.’

’Interrogate her after she regains consciousness. It will be your task, Vestmenfort. Do it at the police. She cannot enter the office buildings – for the time being we do not know whether she had any role in the events.’ Mycroft ordered.

’As for the events… My suggestion is that John should not publish them on his blog until the case is closed’ continued Vestmenfort, referring to the fact that anyone who reads my writings can get too much information. I fully agreed, it was obvious, and I never wanted to risk lives. Mycroft nodded, but despite his rightful and necessary indication somehow I had the feeling that his vampire-like deputy doesn’t like me. A few other things were also mentioned, for example that the complete confidentiality applies to the police, but I’d like to share with you a significant thing: Donovan’s report. I was surprised that she had become a profiler, but Lestrade proudly announced that she is a consultant for the police. She studied a lot in the past years, she made quite a career, and at the moment she was the head of the renowned Wolfclaw Asylum. Sally gave Lestrade a grateful look. I always thought she was smart, so I gladly congratulated. She thanked it humbly, and began her report.

’We all know Moriarty, just like the profile I made of him. He’s dangerous and cruel, as always. I’ll make a copy for you as well, John. I beg your pardon, I didn’t know you’ll be here…. Our new target is the Killer Queen. She didn’t make good her word yet, but I tried to profile her, taking into consideration all the cruel things she promised. It seems from the video that disguise is very important for her. The dress, the thick makeup, the wig and the distorted voice make it difficult to identify her. Women are seldom so cruel, and most serial killers are men. My opinion is that we are looking for a white male, aged between 25 and 45. I think he has some problems with his sexuality. The promise of castrating men and the murder of sex offenders probably comes from his own anger. Maybe he had been mistreated, it is also possible that he became a sex worker and later an abuser himself. At the same time we cannot exclude that he became impotent as an adult. Maybe he feels anger towards men who are still able to do something which he isn’t anymore. The use of the song, Killer Queen from the band Queen is especially interesting. It’s about a luxury prostitute who exploits men. Maybe this criminal looks at himself the same way, and he thinks he can dominate men with castrating and killing them. A man can also be a luxury prostitute. The message „Try to catch me”can be the sign of confident hubris towards the police, but it can also serve as a desperate cry for help, if the criminal knows that he can’t stop killing. The Queen doesn’t want any help. She’s hubristic. She won’t stop killing, she’s impertinent. And why did she team up with Moriarty? Because of money, excitement, or she has her own reasons to take revenge on Sherlock Holmes. I had a very short time to make a complete profile, I’m still working on it. I will notify everyone when I get new information. She must be a very interesting person. I would gladly see her among the patients of Wolfclaw.’

’Thank you very much, Donovan. Nice job. If we catch her alive, I promise she’ll get there. It will be an ideal place for her’ said Mycroft.

The conference was over. When Donovan and Lestrade left, the ruler of the British Empire asked me to stay. He inquired about my night at the Diogenes Club. I told him that I am perfectly satisfied. Then he turned to Vestmenfort.

’Strengthen the stakeout of Mike Stamford and Lestrade.’

’But why?’ I asked curiously. Mycroft looked at me, saying nothing. His glance was serious, it signalled that he won’t answer me. I took a deep breath. Then the solution sprang into my mind.

’They are the acquaintances of Sherlock, but they weren’t at the crime scene.’

The older Holmes nodded. ’Maybe it’s important that they were left out? You’ve written enough about them on your blog, it’s a well-known fact that they know my brother.’

’Stamford has married and moved to the countryside. He’s got several illnesses, he even needs help to go out for sitting on the sun in the garden’ I said. For a great deal of time I contacted Mike via phone and email. ’Lestrade is incorruptible, being a detective is the meaning of his life.’

’I’m well aware of that. Just for safety’s sake. Lestrade troubles me more. Maybe Stamford has been left out because of his health problems and the distance. Lestrade lives here in London. I also thought he’s incorruptible, but criminals clearly infiltrated into other places as well, not just into the IPOD Club. They need police contacts for such crimes. I do hope he’s innocent, but interestingly enough he had not been lured to the theme park – they could have found a way. Vestmenfort, we do not hand any further information to the police, despite of our agreement. When they ask, tell them that the investigations are afoot. And in case they’re insistent, they can have some older files about Moriarty.’

’Oh, yes! That’s it! I think Sherlock is angry because of Moriarty.’ I pealed. ’You’re very influential, you are the only one in the whole world who could hide Sherlock from Moriarty the safest way. Yet, he’s hiding from both of you! Mycroft, what’s between you and Moriarty? I know that’s the point. It’s a too big game for you not to take part in it. Answer me! What is it that I do not know? Have you done something against Sherlock?’

The ruler of England, whom many consider the ruler of the world, looked at me dreadfully. He did not say a word, but I have never seen him more frightening. He reared himself up in front of the portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. He remained silent while he directed me towards the door with a hand gesture. I did not dare even to say goodbye, I left the office rapidly. I am not sure but I think I heard Vestmenfort calling my name, and I know I was impolite to left without a word, but at that moment I did not care anything at all. I was angry as I returned to the guest-room of the Diogenes Club. During the lonely hours I realized that maybe Sherlock isn’t angry at me. He may be hugely disappointed with someone close to him, and that’s why he doesn’t dare to have trust even in me. I decided to continue to take part in the game and try to get back my friend’s trust. Perhaps Mycroft had right when saying that I have the gift of giving hope to others under the most cruel circumstances. Maybe this ability helps me. I have to be clever, because I know that Sherlock Holmes returns.

I know that you are also waiting for his comeback. Please, my dear friends, do not be cross with me because I have not started the story with him turning up. But when you get to know the whole case, you will hopefully agree that I had to stick to the chronology for being able to explain all oddities. The events were too complicated and confusing. There’s one thing I can give away right now: the ingenious Sherlock made his return with tricks that astonished his brilliant brother several times.

Sherlockian Holmesian


I was slumbering peacefully when someone called my name. ’Watson! Watson!’ I thought I was dreaming and it felt so good to be in bed, but someone tickled one of my feet.

’What time is it?’ I asked, waking with a start.


I checked my wristwatch on the nightstand.

’I had two hours of sleep’ I stated sadly.

’I wonder if you do me the very great kindness of considering the possibility of waking up.’

’I assume you have a good reason’ I answered, then, when I saw the ironic glance of Mr. Holmes, I added: ’Yes, of course, Mycroft.’

’You have five minutes’ he said, then left the room.

I dressed up quickly, but I was bitter. Sunday morning starts with some sad event. I knew that another tragedy occured, and I have to face with death.

Mycroft was dressed elegantly, as always, while Vestmenfort wore his long black coat. We drove to the zoo. Some other agents have already arrived. The director was waiting for us at the entrance. It turned out that Mycroft knows him. The director told us that Steven N. Mottraf, the elephant’s carer was found dead. The elephant house was quite far from the entrance. As we approached it, the director tried to sum up the events. I could observe that his voice and his hands were quivering. He turned to a man.

’Thomas, come here! Could you…. Could you please tell these gentlemen what had happened?’

Thomas was clearly in a shock too.

’In the morning I entered the large room of the elephant house alone, because it was curious that Steven was nowhere to be seen. We always met in front of the entrance door every working day, he is….or, he was very accurate. I thought he was still mourning Be Be Lull….Then… then I saw lots of blood on the floor….There was poor Be Be Lull, eviscerated, and near her Steven’s dead, naked body….And that dreadful stink, and the big circle of blood...Dear God, poor Steven had not just been killed, but he was also brutally castrated.’

’Be Be Lull was the elephant? Someone killed her as well?’ I asked.

’No’ corrected the director. ’Be Be Lull was very old. She got sick on Friday night. She passed away last evening, while I was by her side. She received painkillers and we did anything we could for her. All our animals are important for us. But it was really difficult to organize the transportation of such a huge body, and the weekend intervened as well. So her body had been left in the long room. She had been gralloched after her death.’

I was a little bit relieved that at least the innocent animal was not killed.

’Did Steven have a criminal record?’ asked Mycroft and Vestmenfort together.

’Yes, he had. A long time ago, when he was young, he offended a woman. He served his sentence, and he had to make a living somehow. He was good to the animals, I regularly checked his work. Be Be Lull and the other animals liked him. He did not have to meet visitors, his task was to give fodder and water to the elephants and cleaning. In the elephant house all his colleagues were men and he was a part-time worker. His colleagues were Thomas Lecken, whom you have already talked to, and Bashir Pickford Gillisher. We don’t know anything from the latter, though he should have been working today.’

’How did it turn out that he vanished?’ asked Vestmenfort.

’He did not come to work and his wife called the zoo today morning, she was looking for her husband. At first she was not worried, she was thinking that Bashir went out to see his friends for the weekend. They had an agreement that he could stay out one night a week, so when he did not turn up at Saturday night, she was frightened.’

’I had several days off’ joined Thomas. ’I came back to work today. Steven sent me a message about the death of Be Be Lull.’

’I was so worn out emotionally because of her death that I did not have a look around in the elephant house yet’ said the director.

We approached the crime scene. The elephant house was at the other side of the zoo.

’We agreed with the director that we keep the doors shut because of the stink’ explained Thomas.

’You did the right thing. This way the crime scene is protected’ praised him Vestmenfort.

I had to smile. Maybe he doesn’t like me, but he’s really worksome. The workers of the zoo did not care about the crime scene, they wanted to get rid of the stink. Vestmenfort cares about his profession and people’s reactions bother him less. Then I realized he reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

But to our great surprise the big folding door was wide open.

’Someone was here. We left the door closed’ obtested Thomas.

’Vestmenfort! Search the zoo!’ ordered Mycroft. ’I look around inside.’

His deputy gave some short instructions to the other agents and they left. The director and Thomas preferred to remain outside. Mycroft grabbed his umbrella stronger and we entered. The home of the elephants that was normally a place for family fun, was turned into a horroristic torture chamber. On the first few meters everything was usual. Elephants were feeding and looking around peacefully. Horror started behind the folding door that was opposite the elephant house entrance door.

’Next is the large room. It is closed from the visitors. Usually those two opposite doors are closed. Sick elephants are kept and treated there’ explained Mycroft. He continued, answering the question I wanted to raise. ’I am familiar with all the plans of London’s buildings. They need my secret permission for security reasons.’

’Of course.’

’I still remember quite a lot of plans.’

It amazed me again how many things he knows and masters. I don’t know whether he’s the ruler of the world, but he surely rules London.

We entered the large room.

Sherlock elephant house

There was the carcass of the poor elephant, with a long for-and-aft cut on her abdomen. Beside her was Steven’s mutilated body. They were surrounded by a big circle consisting of blood, meat and large insides. The latter were clearly taken out of Be Be Lull.

The sight was disgusting in itself, but the terrific stink was almost unbearable. I was close to vomiting, when a fine white handkerchief fluttered before my eyes. ’It’s scented with menthol. We need it.’ said Mycroft, and got out one for himself too.

’Great idea. I’ll recommend it to Sherlock’ I answered with a grateful look. What a difference that pleasant fragrance made!

’He prefers anise’ he replied, indicating that his brother already uses the method what amazed me. He started the investigation.

’So, we have a corpse’ he said coldly. But before he could continue, a really weird thing happened. Something began to move inside the elephant carcass. I started to retch and my legs were trembling from fear.

’Not one, two’ we heard a distinctive voice – from inside the carcass.

A man was sneaking out from the huge cut.

’Since when you consider an elephant being a victim?’ mocked him Mycroft.

The man fully emerged. He wore a white (but dirty with blood), hooded coverall and had a mask on his face. He threw it away and was gasping for air. He put his cellphone on the elephant's leg. Then he slipped out of the coverall, revealing his shirt and trousers.

’Sherlock!’ I shouted and wanted to run and hug him, but he stopped me with a repulsive move of his hand. He was shattered and out of breath. So I remained by the side of his brother, who continued viciously.

’Who else could that be? He wouldn’t miss out the opportunity to slip into a dead elephant.’

Sherlock was still panting and gave Mycroft a reproachful glance. Then he wiped the strap of scented cream from under his nose – it was anise. He turned off the flashlight funcion on his cellphone and put it away.

’There’s another corpse inside the elephant’ he said.

Mycroft looked at him surprised, and went to the carcass to check. His brother has right. There was another dead, castrated man inside. But the sight and the stink was so unbearable that we retreated towards the entrance door. Sherlock moved towards the other open door (now I know that it is used for letting in new elephants and taking out dead ones).

’The name of the second man is Bashir Pickford Gillisher’ said Mycroft. Sherlock stopped. He was ready to deduce.

’The condition of the body shows that he was the Friday night victim. So these two men were chosen ahead. This means that Gillisher also has a criminal record. When he was killed, the elephant’s body came in handy for forming the Red Circle. It contained a huge amount of blood, enough for a very big circle. The coagulation of the blood and the decay of the insides imply that it was done on Friday.’

’The Killer Queen promised to draw the red circle with the victim’s own blood, didn’t she?’ I asked startled.

’She saw the dead elephant and thought it gives enough material to a much bigger circle’ answered Sherlock. ’It’s more frightening. And, at the same time it shows that the Killer Queen is able to breach her own rules.’

’She’s unpredictable’ grunted Mycroft.

’And Bashir’s body was hidden inside the carcass for not being discovered till the next victim is killed?’ I asked.

’No, they rather wanted to shock. They had the chance, so they did’ told Mycroft.

The younger Holmes explained.

’Your idea was interesting. After all, who would visit the dead elephant? The staff had time to clean after the carcass had been taken away. The crime would have been discovered on the day of the transportation. Anyway, it’s irrelevant whether the corpse is inside the carcass or not. They wanted to kill both men.’

’The Killer Queen and her fellows are not afraid of dirty jobs. She dishonors your name with serial killing’ stated Mycroft. ’Who is able to hate you so much, my dear brother?’

’Do not flourish. You know very well that I have lots of haters, don’t you?’

The Holmes brothers stared into each other’s eyes. It was a weird situation – two men with two corpses and a huge carcass between them.

’Who hates me so much except Moriarty? My own brother, for example?’

’We have a brutal case. This is not the best time for a family debate.’

’Why not? We’re in a zoo, with lots of dirt and corpses. The ideal scenery.’

’Sherlock, you’re in a much greater danger than you think. Cooperate with me, otherwise…’


’I have lots of my agents here in the zoo. When you force it, we bring you with us – for the sake of your safety.’

Sherlock bursted into a loud laugh.

’Oh, come on! Do you really think I had not planned out how to walk out? I can do it easily.’

’I am so eager to know it.’

’You can bet on it that I succeed.’

I saw lots of anger in their eyes. The tension was clearly perceptible…..

NEXT: The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Part 3. The Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlockian Holmesian


BBC Sherlock body bag

Do you remember how Sherlock Holmes first appeared in A Study in Pink? He looked into a body bag.
His emerging from the carcass is the opposite of that.

The dialogue between John and Mycroft at dawn was taken from the Granada series episode The Man with the Twisted Lip.

In the original story of The Missing Three-Quarter the detective uses aniseed to mark the wheel of a carriage. This way he's able to follow the scent with tracking dog Pompey. In the BBC series Mycroft is called Iceman. In this story he uses a menthol-scented handkerchief when he investigates the dead elephant. Menthol suits ice better than anise.

The elephant's name, Be Be Lull is the anagram of Blue Bell, who was a rabbit in the BBC series.

Sherlockian Holmesian


Please keep in mind that BBC's ’Sherlock’ is the creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Everything else is fanfiction.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The story is by no means a prediction for the (possibly) upcoming Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with sherlockian-sherlock.com link. And if you want to, you can send us your theory or other Holmes-related writing: Send your article

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Benedict Cumberbatch's 45th birthday.

Sherlockian Holmesian


Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch
John Watson - Martin Freeman
Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss

Vestmenfort - Claes Bang
Lestrade - Rupert Graves
Donovan - Vinette Robinson

Sherlockian Holmesian

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