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BBC Sherlock series 5 season five

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BBC Sherlock series 5 season episode 1-2.


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The terrified-patient

BBC SHERLOCK series - season 5 (n)Opening

The adventure of the terrified patient

A shadow passed through the hospital corridor, wearing a long coat. Being aware of not to be noticed, the mysterious silhouette slipped deliberately into a certain single-bed room. After closing the door the stranger stepped to the bedside of the unconscious patient. Towering above him, the night visitor grabbed a vial and a syringe. The figure sucked up the liquid and was ready to inject it into the infusion bag when something pushed the syringe out of those gloved hands – a long, dark object with a metallic end. The vial crushed, and the sound broke the silence of the room. This unexpected event made the stranger to recoil.

’Move away from that bed!’ bellowed the angriest voice of the whole universe. The dark object sinked, its sharp, metallic end laying firmly on the floor. From the gloomy corner of the room Mycroft Holmes, the owner of the object – an umbrella, of course – stepped out gracefully. He was not shaken at all. Glancing at the yellow liquid he sarcastically remarked: ’Vitamin C, right? What a fool you are! Do you really think it helps? I have told you a thousand times – forget this case. It’s over, do you understand? IT IS OVER!’

The stranger angrily tore off the long, dark coat and purple scarf and landed in an armchair. Sweating heavily, with a sinked head, rushed the still gloved hands through the thick brown locks. There was no eye contact between the two figures. Suddenly the night visitor decided to oppose.

’It’s not vitamin C. It’s a deadly poison…..And, you know, just screw it – you well deserve a shot from it!

Mycroft burst in a laugh. ’Oh, my God, I am the king of secret agents, smart and well-trained. You are so lame, you can’t even hurt the air I exhale. Spread your lies on the net, my dear. Share a theory, and thousands will believe it instantly. On social media foolness is the biggest celebrity. You can fool others, but I know that it was vitamin C.’

’Well, I bought vitamin C then? It is a privilege that the great Mycroft Holmes cares for me.’

’I told you, I am the best. I know as much as I have to know about almost everybody. But I assure you that I don’t need any report to know that what you bought is simple vitamin C. You’d like to help the man. His brain has been damaged, and vitamin C is good for the brain – but patients usually do not get it, which is a pity. He doesn’t get it either – you bring it for him.’

’It’s a poison! Try it if you don’t believe me!’

’I have my experts for that, you know.’

’YOU should taste it. You’ll have a fast result, and it’ll be a brave thing to do as well.’

Mycroft gave a short smile. He looked at the stranger with appreciation and lifted his umbrella. He was slacker than usual because he knew what has just ended, and he also knew that he won. ’Do it yourself. I have a special military umbrella and power. You’ve got nothing. Not even a job.’

’I know. I opposed you and didn’t follow your command. Every one is a deadly sin…..I…Wait, what have you said about the job? So you don’t kill me?’

’I assure you that this is the last time. I am generous. Come on, lick it up!’

The stranger kneeled on the floor and did what was ordered, but carefully avoided the shards of glass. Mycroft watched as the crouched figure suddenly growled.

’Could that be that I was wrong? What a pity.’ He joked. He was the most excellent agent and the British government itself, in the same person. ’I will be generous once again. I’ll stab you to end your suffering. It’s faster than the poison’. He flashed the blade of the umbrella.

’Stop! I fooled you. It’s vitamin C, of course. I’m so sorry….I just wanted to help.’

’The good old trick of the dying detective. You wanted to use it aginst me, who taught it to you? It’s in my manual for agents. Good idea, yet this was an awful performance. I could do it very convincingly, but I tell you the truth: the only person who mastered it was Sherlock Holmes. Stand up!’

The figure rose slowly, but didn’t remain silent.

’You already fired me. You made me lick the floor. And just to humiliate me even more, you say THAT name – just because you know that I hate him.’ These words were uttered angrily by a woman, who had short, brown hair.

’I know. You hate him so much that you did not want help him when he asked you.’

’Of course not. You were my boss, you paid me, not him. And you let me decide whether I help him or not, and when. You had enough other agents to deal with his cases. If you didn’t care whether he succeeds or not, why should I?

’He’s clever, he solved lots of cases. He needed you only when he jumped off the roof. That was the only occasion when you two had to cooperate, it was my command. You're lucky that you were working for me. Sherlock would tear you into pieces for this syringe trick.’

’Not at all! He would help John Watson.’ Said the stranger, staring at the unconscious patient. ’I don’t like your brother, and thank heavens he hates me too, but John is important for both of us. In fact, he sent me here.’

’I know my brother. We are in touch. You came by your own will. And if I wouldn’t know you very well too, Nedi Ran, I would think that you are in love.’

’Being in love? Don’t insult me. I don’t care about this man. He smells like medicine, and I like perfumes much more. I don’t know him, and in his condition we can neither talk nor have sex. He’s useless for me right now.’

’You came because of yourself, Nedi Ran. You are sorry that the biker hit John too heavily. The stress was too much for him. And after that, when you got behind him in the crowd that gathered around Sherlock’s body, you gave him a stupefactive injection, because he could have spotted that he’s alive. He collapsed and had a brain concussion. You’re an agent, you had to inject him. That was my command. John was taken here, and sadly one of the medicines combined with the injection caused a serious, extremely rare allergic reaction. Nobody can be blamed for it. Things went to a tragic direction.

BBC Sherlock John Watson

Every war has its victims. John is a victim. We have to leave the corpses on the fields, even if they were our people. Time passes. A good agent would move forward. You blame yourself, and at the end of the working day you rush to his bedside and give him vitamin C instead of resting at home. You are exhausted. Yet I didn’t fire you, I gave you another chance. I also offered you to see a therapist. I gave you easier cases, I tried to be careful of you. I wanted you to talk to Sherlock.’

’I hate him! I don’t want to meet him.’

’He has so much free time nowadays, which is a rare thing….We have to be very cautious. And John Watson is important for him too. He could tell you a lot about him. And what is more, you are not yet as annoying as Sherlock. You would be a good pupil of his.’

’I’d rather die, thank you. I already see him more than I want. Since his roof jump you send me and every other IPOD Club agents to the streets wearing clothes like him, and we have to have his haircut too. Fangirls wear his clothes because they want to, and men wear Sherlock masks. OK, I understand that you need this, because when he returns, it will be less sensational, but this situation is very humiliating for me. Having easier cases – no problem. Losing my job – I accept that. Licking the floor – I don’t care. Take my life – nothing is more embarrassing than Sherlock Holmes.’

’Don’t tell me a word! I know – I’m his brother.’

’He sent me, because of John.’

’Your lies are boring, Nedi Ran.’

’It’s the truth! Or, okay, a half-truth…. Wait! You fired me, you humiliated me, I’m only a boring woman. You can kill me whenever you want. And you, the king of the world, YOU are here as well. You sacrifice your time, what you do only when a case is important. You directed the conversation to John, and it was you who mentioned that you keep in touch with Sherlock. You could haul me up in your office, or in my home….and yet, we’re both here….Oh, dear Mycroft! What do you want from John? Do you think there’s a chance for him to wake up? I don’t want him to suffer….Some doctors say he doesn’t feel anything, while others think he has haunting visions.

John! What is in your funny little brain?

I fear he’s a terrified patient. I want him to be allright.’

’Of course. He doesn’t have to suffer. A dead man doesn’t feel anything.’ Mycroft’s reaction was fast. He held a syringe in his hands, containing a red liquid. ’Oh, poor Nedi Ran! I had high hopes when I accepted you to the IPOD Club. But the sentimental female heart leads to failures. You fell in love with John, then you screwed up an action. An action, in which the most of the job was done by Sherlock anyway. And you, you silly woman screwed up your small part. That’s why John slipped into a coma, and you had nothing left but kill him, then committing suicide…..’ Mycroft stepped closer to the infusion stand. Nedi Ran desperately attacked him, but he threw her to the ground.

’You opposed me again. I promised to leave you alive, but you attacked me. You’ve gone too far. What is so precious in this man that is worth dying? Don’t lie to me, because I’ll kill him first, then you’ll have a slow, painful death afterwards. Tell me!’

’He’s a precious man. I like his writing style. As he pens down the excitements of the investigations, or the beauty of London by night….. It pisses me off that so many silly speculations circulate online about him. Many people think he’s dumb, but he’s not. He was an army doctor. I know that he has a strong will. He survived Afghanistan, and all those cases with Sherlock…..He is much, much better than me. He would be an excellent agent. He’d never disappoint you, Mycroft.’

’That’s right. He has his own abilities. That’s why Sherlock worked with him…. But we could make him even better.’

’What would you teach him?’

’Far less than you had to learn. He’s much smarter than you. Do you remember the first rule?’

’The first rule is: there are no emotions.’

’Well, then behave as an agent. Keep this rule! You can never see John again. No IPOD Club, and you can forget your cousin, Anthea for a lifetime too. You move to Hungary tomorrow, I have arranged everything. I tell you all here, because this seems to be the place where you understand it the best.’

’I can’t see Anthea again. But maybe…’

’No. No postcard, no message, not the tiniest Facebook like.’ The ruler of the world raised his voice. ’You made a mistake, but as long as we are alive, we can correct many things. Perhaps, not for sure. There is a very special medicine that can help the brain. When John gets it, his chance to wake up rises up to 50 per cent, which is great... Afterwards, with exercises and other therapies hopefully he’ll be able to live a normal life again, or a life close to normal, but certainly a better one than this here.’

’He’ll do anything. He’s strong.’

’Sherlock says the same.’

’He has right – I admit it this once. You have to believe in John Watson.’

’Then give him the chance for a better life! If you stay with him, criminals will soon realize what’s going on. Do not rush him, Anthea, Sherlock or the IPOD Club into danger.’

’I wasn’t a good agent. And I am dangerous. I understand, and I’m sorry… May I say goodbye to Anthea?’

’Tomorrow you’ll see her for the last time at the airport. I already told her at the beginning, when she begged to recruit you that working with a relative means nothing good. Now she learns it. Tomorrow you say goodbye forever. If you try to cheat, I’ll do what I have to do.’

’I understood.’

’Right. Good luck. Always use your brain and there won’t be any trouble.’

Mycroft handed the syringe to Nedi Ran, then he went to the door. Nedi Ran injected the liquid into her mouth.

’What the hell….. Raspberry? And I thought Sherlock is the annoying one….’ And though her former boss heard her words very well, she raised her voice. ’John is a good man. I am grateful that you help him. And I have to say one more thing. Though I have never been a good enough agent of yours, you are the most wonderful boss of the whole world, Mycroft. You are the ruler of the world with reason. Good luck to you as well.’

Mycroft stopped for a second. And although the woman was behind him and could not see his face, he was aware of not showing any emotions. He gently lifted the umbrella to his shoulder, opened the door and silently left the room.

At the same evening Anthea was crying as she left her office. Her boss transferred the last payment and closed a file about Nedi Ran. Mycroft was an emotionless machine, so he never thought about his fired agent again. On the contrary, he was happy that the lovely, beautiful Anthea will never ever beg him to give a job to one of her relatives. He never had romantic feelings towards Anthea. He kept his secrets even from her, yet, as his secretary, she was one of his very few confidents . He gave into her only once. He knew that he could regret it – as it exactly happened. This won’t come about again. At the next moment he already focused on some government cases, then he was wondering what the future holds for John and Sherlock. For a long time he let his thoughts wander, then he sighed. He opened John’s blog on his computer and read his post about the beauties of London by night. He would never assume but the words touched his patriotic heart deeply. Watson wrote that London is special, beautiful and majestic – and Mycroft had the same opinion. He seemed to be an iceman, and he was tougher than Sherlock. But he had a big secret: his heart belonged to a huge, indestructible land – the United Kingdom. He was concerned that the doctor deserves another chance. He called the leader of his medical team and the two men had a lengthy conversation. His plan was ready. He ordered to purchase the special medicine.


In a secret, cold place far, far away Irene Adler’s erotic moan was heard in the dark. A smartphone gleamed, then a message from M told that someone will have a very special treatment. The owner of the phone smiled and texted back: ’Ok. Sigerson.’


Putting out another phone, the mysterious man made a transfer and sent a short text: ’I sent a larger amount. You deserve it. We worked together, but I still hate you. The Boss.’
Shortly the moaning repeated and a message appeared on the phone:’You repel me. N.R.’


' Nedi Ran '


Think about it:
Mycroft’s decision may seem cruel, but in fact he helps Nedi Ran a lot. He points out that John will also benefit from the agent’s absence. Living in another country, she won’t have to face her failure day after day. She gets the chance to start a new life. The wounds of her heart will heal faster and she’ll be able to have confidence again. Nedi Ran understood these right in the hospital room.


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Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

With the title of the story we wanted to honor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One of the original Holmes stories is The Adventure of The Resident Patient. In Hungary the title was translated as The Adventure of The Terrified Patient, and we wanted to give a nod to this version as well.

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Anthea - Lisa McAllister
Nedi Ran - ? - top secret

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