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Arthur Conan Doyle, the real Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the greatest fictional detective in history.

Sherlockian Holmesian

Documentary film - Total running time: ~ 56:24

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Reported by: Liam Dale

This documentary tries to explore the legend of Sherlock Holmes and takes us on a voyage of discovery through the life of its creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Starting with the medical office in Edinburgh, where Conan Doyle practiced medicine, we will travel later to London and Baker Street. Following in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and the brilliant Conan Doyle to discover why a fictional character has endured through the ages to dazzle readers and moviegoers of the past, present and without any doubt, the future.

Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlock Holmes is The World's Greatest Detective. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the canon. EVERYTHING else is fanfiction.

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