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David Hitchcock Sherlock Holmes interview


Instagram: davidhitchcock100

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David Hitchcock has been drawing comics for over 30 years. Mainly self publishing graphic novels such as Spirit of the Highwayman, Whitechapel Freak and his personal take on the penny dreadful myth, Springheeled Jack, which garnered an Eagle Award, the UK’s equivalent to the U.S. Eisner Award. He has also illustrated many short stories for various companies and publishers such as Rebellion (2000ad) and Heavy Metal magazine. He has worked with successful screenwriter GARY YOUNG on the two volumes of Madam Samurai, both books did the rounds at Cannes Film Festival. David once had a glowing review of one of his comics by industry legend STEVE DITKO. Recently, David has been producing commissions of many varied comic characters, and all things suitably gothic, as well as illustrating the Life and Death of Heracles, a novella by Professor Laurence Alison. David Hitchcock is a British freelance artist. One cannot resist his awesome Sherlock Holmes illustrations and stunning other works. We just love his Holmes-themed drawings. He perfectly embraces the world of Conan Doyle's hero, the objects and characters are harmonized as their environment is clasped by darkness and fear. It is a pleasure and a great honour that David Hitchcock accepted our interview request.

How did you got the idea to make Sherlock-themed illustrations?

I am mainly known for my victorian style artwork. Sherlock Holmes was a natural step down the cobbled stone alleyways, following in the footsteps of my second self published comic, Whitechapel Freak (my take on the Ripper murders) which was produced in a tabloid format like Police News. I love the gothic tone of the time period, there is so much to have fun with visually, including architecture, clothing, fog and much more.

Are you familiar with the original stories?

Although I’ve never actually sat down and read any Arthur Conan Doyle, I do feel very familiar with the material, through films, TV and various comics and graphic novels.

David Hitchcock Sherlock illustration

Do you have a favourite adventure, adaptation or actor?

I must say, my favourite story has to be The Hound of the Baskervilles. I loved Peter Cushing, Basil Rathbone and I also liked Robert Downey Jnr’s versions too.

David Hitchcock Irene Adler

What was the biggest challenge while drawing the Holmes pictures?

One of the hardest tasks whilst drawing a picture is devising a good composition, and also getting the elements right. I have googled Baker Street on many occasions, drawing a convincing Holmes’ study is also elementary. smiley

David Hitchcock Sherlock Holmes artwork

Are there any special reasons for the majority of your works are in black and white?

I mainly work in pencil and pen as I find that suits the time period. As a self publisher of comics it is also the cheapest way of printing, I fell into producing black, white and grey art through necessity.

David Hitchcock Sherlock and Moriarty

Could you name a few illustrators whose works affected your style? Do you have any role models?

I am primarily a comic artist, I have many favourite comic artists and painters. From the victorian era, the golden age of children’s books my favourite illustrator is Arthur Rackham, I’m lucky enough to own a couple of his original pen and ink drawings. On the modern day comic scene I like so many artists, but my main stay favourite is Jack Kirby, one of the main architects of the Marvel Comics.

Would you tell us what are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on commissions, if you would like to contact me with any enquiries please email thanks you for inviting me on this interview.

David Hitchcock Sherlock Holmes

We thank you. We wish you lots of success to your recent and future projects.
Dear visitors! If you like beautiful drawings please have a look at the artist's website:

Instagram: davidhitchcock100

Date: 26/07/2021
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