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BBC Sherlock Lestrade donut game
BBC Sherlock Greg Lestrade donut game

" Hm... Donut! "

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Lestrade! Do you like dunking and donuts? It's elementary.
Sherlock knows this and teases you with donuts.
Come on Lestrade! The police are cheering you on.

Your job is to dunk the donut in the donut box!
It won't be easy though, your donut is hanging from a rope and is moving left and right constantly.
You must time your jump correctly in order for the donut to fall into the box! There are coins that
you can collect, they will fly on the screen so you must time your jump correctly to collect them and
also not to fall into the abyss. The coins can be used to buy a magnet that attracts coins to you and
a spring that bounces you back up in case you fall.

Each time you manage to dunk the ball into the box, you'll get 1 score point.
Bouncing off the walls will give you an additional score point, managing to quickly dunk the donut
will also give you bonus points, and doing a perfect dunk will as well! You may also encounter
obstacles such as spikes and bouncers that make your game more challenging. The game features
unlimited levels for unlimited fun, we hope you have fun playing Donut Slam Dunk!


Use mouse left button to play.

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BBC Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch english actor

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