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Jeremy Brett interview
Sherlock Holmes összes története

Poi Dog Pondering:
I'm in Love with Jeremy Brett

Frank Orrall

Video by: SherlockExtra
the webmaster
(Youtube nick: Sherlock Sherlockian)

Frank Orrall kindly gave his permission to publish his song on our site.
We are very grateful.

Poi Dog Pondering:

The American music group Poi Dog Pondering plays alternative rock. The band was founded in Hawaii in 1985, then they moved to Austin and later to Chicago. The line-up of the group fluctuates frequently, but Frank Orrall, Susan Voelz, Dave Max Crawford and John Nelson are in the band from the beginning.

Poi Dog Pondering

Frank Orrall about Sherlock Holmes actors:

Frank Orrall dignified our site by telling the following:

"I am very fond of Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Sherlock, for me, it is the very best. He brought a humanity and Dandy-ism to the Character.

That having been said, I think Benedict Cumberbatch also did a wonderful job interpreting Sherlock in the 21st Century."

The song title:

The original title is Jeremy Brett, but Jeremy's fans love to say: "I'm in love with Jeremy Brett song".

Sherlockian Holmesian

Jeremy Brett (I'm in love with Jeremy Brett) - song lyrics:

I'm in love with Jeremy Brett.
He was the single greatest Sherlock Holmes. Yet!
In a series on the BBC
I used to watch him here on a & e.

Hair slicked back and impecably dressed.
His only prop could be a single cigarette.
He was an actor in the old regaurd,
who took the stage intent to fully become his part.

He was a sort of dandy in the classic tradition,
a bon vivant filled with bouts of depression.

Sundown sunday, Kensington High Street
in a cabretta with a floral scarf.
London's yours, man! You got Macbeth tonight.
A scull in your hands in the fire light.

Tobacco and champagne and you're feelin alright!
A cab across town and a kiss goodnight.

He played a Holmes that was deep and dark with faults -
richly complex & brilliantly detailed.
A "Damaged penguin" with genious intuition,
an animated spider with singular vision,
who's only need was a case to consume him
to stave his addiction to a certain solution.

David Burke and Edward Hardwicke,
played it perfect as his friend and companion.
A kind hearted, affable Watson.
Everyready with a loyal hand in
any case that Holmes would command him.
I always felt Holmes couldn't do with out him.

Brett's wife died back '85,
all the grief triggered manic depression.
Could see it in his face - that he was heavily grieving.
His heart grew thin and finally stopped beating.

Jeremy Brett!
I never knew you.
OH! Darling!
I dedicate this song to you!

Sherlockian Holmesian


We are so honored that this video can be found on the Sherlockology tumblr:

Sherlockology: Jeremy Brett

More information:

The Official Site of Poi Dog Pondering:

Sherlockian Holmesian

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In remembrance of Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett

Sherlockian Holmesian

Linda Pritchard Jeremy Brett interview

Exclusive sherlockian interview: Jeremy Brett interview - with Linda Pritchard

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