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Things that I like in Sherlock Holmes

Author: Revati, editor of Sherlockian-sherlock

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For being able to answer the question which are the things that I like in Sherlock Holmes, I think it is correct to clarify which Holmes we are talking about. Everyone has his or her own favourite sleuth from the countless adaptations. For me the best, the unsurpassable Sherlock is Jeremy Brett from the Granada series. At the same time my opinion is that each and every adaptation owes its existence to one thing: the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created an eccentric detective and wrote his adventures which make up the Canon. So the following features I list are tipical of the original, canonical Holmes.

These are the things that I like in Sherlock Holmes:

1. He is a Victorian character

Though there are adaptations that place him to another age, the character of Holmes is truly authentic, convincing and unique only in his original settings, the Victorian England. His makings and personality were pioneer and without precedent exclusively at that times. His literacy, his perfection in sciences and his unique investigating methods – with all these he was way ahead of his time.

2. He is a genius

Holmes is a very learned man with a broad spectrum of knowledge and lots of things interest him. He needs these features because they are of great help during his investigations, they make it faster and easier. When he needs data he turns to his mind palace, where he stores countless bits of information.

3. He is a perfect gentleman

No matter what some adaptations suggest, the sleuth is a perfect gentleman. Maybe he is eccentric and a loner, but he is always well-mannered. He wonderfully knows his way about the different classes and he easily finds the right tone with everybody. He knows that not the title is important, but the person him- or herself. It is quite difficult to let him down.

4. The way how he behaves with women

It follows from the aforementioned characteristics and it integrally correlates to them that Sherlock always behaves properly with women. One of the most common misbeliefs about him is that he hates them, which is not true at all. He is always sympathetic with women clients or witnesses. He is aware of the fact that the laws are quite unjust with the fair sex, and what is more, he often gives voice to his displeasure therein.

5. His steadfastness and determination

These features are also vital to the profession what Sherlock chose or rather invented for himself. He has to be steadfast and determined to solve mysteries. The former resulted in his becoming a master of deduction and observation, which he practices day after day.

6. His friendship with Watson

The reserved detective scarcely lets anyone close to him. He even meets his brother Mycroft rarely. Many people regard him as misanthropical or think he is an emotionless machine. This is not so. Shortly after they meet, John Watson becomes his only friend – and this could not happen if Sherlock would not be able to express his emotions. The friendship between these two men is wonderful, they love and respect each other – though we have to stress that this love is not the romantic feeling. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for each other, and they can always fall back on each other.

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Things that I like in Sherlock Holmes

Sherlockian Holmesian

Things that I like in Sherlock Holmes

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Things that I like in Sherlock Holmes

Things that I like in Sherlock Holmes

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