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Sherlock series 5 The Baker Street Irregulars

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BBC Sherlock series 5 season episode 1-2.



Sherlockian Holmesian

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The two men were opposing each other. Both were determined.

’You don’t have a gun, and we don’t have time to play games’ – Mycroft warned my friend, who answered him calmly.

’I’ve been in Tibet. I met His Holiness The Dalai Lama. I got to know new precepts. I don’t believe in weapons any more. I don’t need them. We are prone to think that we have the right to defend ourselves, to take away rights that do not belong to us, to punish or torture others with guns or physical violence. Our world is full of violence’ – he walked to the huge folded door behind him and opened it, letting the fresh air in. As the other folded door was open too, this resulted in a draft that freshened the air. Sherlock stopped his walk and continued.

’Victims do suffer. And the perpetrators are also frustrated, because they sink into a chaos, instead of the ideal life they imagined for themselves. Violence only breeds a bigger amount of violence. I wish for a better world. Crimes can be reduced. Victims and criminals both have the tool in their own bodies to change the world: their brains and their hearts. When we use our brains and remain humane, we are able to conquer our brutal attackers. Mahatma Gandhi freed India following these guidelines. And Desmond Doss saved dozens of his comrades….’

’Stop philosophizing here! Come and discuss things in my office’ demanded Mycroft.

’I won’t go to your terrain. Tell me about Moriarty here and now!’

’My office is more suitable for that.’

’Start talking.’ said Sherlock peacefully. It was surprising, he used to be much more exasperated. There was an uneasy silence for some seconds, then he continued.

’It would have been better for you to talk now, but the time surely comes for that. I’ll screw it out from you. Until then…. There’s somebody who did not do any harm to you, who’s not involved in the Moriarty case. Someone whom you could help.’

’Lady Frances Carfax.’ I caught on quickly. The Holmes brothers stared at me astonished.

’Bravo, John! That was brilliant!’ Sherlock praised me. I smiled at him, then we both looked at the man who had the solution in his hands. He answered.

’Sherlock! You know very well that she suffered a different brain trauma. She’s in a coma for a much longer time than John had been. She has much less chance to wake up. And if she does, she won’t be able to live a full life, as before.’

’Give her life back.’ his brother asked.

’Not everything turns out as we’d like to. You’ve done all you could during that investigation. That case is over. Don’t blame yourself!’

’The load of responsibility will always weigh on my mind. But I don’t care about myself. I beg you for Lady Frances. She loved painting and listening to joyful classical music. She loves to live. Perhaps she won’t be able to talk anymore, or to earn a degree in Oxford and she won’t be a leading sportswoman. But she still can be surrounded by colours, sounds and smells. Her fiancé visits her each day, and… ’

’Enough! The Killer Queen, a crazy, revengeful woman piles up corpses while we walk down memory lane.’ Mycroft seemed to be uptight. He undoubtedly wanted to call his agents, but Sherlock stopped him with a name.

’Nedi Ran.’

’What about her?’

’If you help the Lady, I won’t tell your agents the truth about Nedi Ran.’

Mycroft looked relieved. But he answered ironically.

’Oh, I see! You’ve heard the insider gossip that she’s my wife. I’m really sorry, but you can’t blackmail me with fake news.’

I wanted to support my friend. I joined the conversation.

’She earns as much as an MI6 agent. You forgive her everything, and you have a wedding ring on your finger. She doesn’t wear a ring, but that’s because she has sensitive skin, and you didn’t want to spend too much on her. She’s your wife. Only this way does it make sense.’

BBC Sherlock Mycroft Holmes ring

Mycroft turned away. I thought he was resentful, but he only went through the motion for the dramatic effect. He spinned round, having lifted his hand to shoulder-high. He shot a small spike from his ring into the elephant's carcass. The ruler of England showed that he’s able to take away both of our lives with a single move – without his umbrella or his agents. He came upon as a proud lion.

’I wear this ring to protect myself. It’s a multifunctional secret service defense weapon – it has a poisonous spike and some other things. There’s nothing romantic in it! Nedi Ran is NOT my wife. Follow me, gentlemen!’

He turned back and wanted to go back to the entrance of the zoo. It was clear for him that he shocked us.

I glanced at Sherlock. He braced himself up.

’I haven’t said that she’s your wife. She has another important role.’

Mycroft suddenly stopped. His brother got hold of him with that remark.

’After all, Lady Frances Carfax may get a treatment. But I don’t promise anything.’

’All right. Thank you’ Sherlock smiled. ’And Moriarty?’

’You still don’t know anything. Let’s go!’

’No. I won’t go to your terrain….. Have a nice day!’

Having said that, the younger Holmes flounced out through the door behind him. We ran after him with Mycroft, who called his agents. We had a little drawback, because we had to bypass the carcass of Be Be Lull.

Sherlock ran through the staff corridor and reached the street. Then he did something very surprising. He stopped in the middle of the road. To show his resign, he put his hands up in the air.

’Right. At last he understood that he has no chance. I have lots of agents here.’ rejoiced his brother. We slowed down.

BBC Sherlock Series Zoo

We also reached the street. We stood on the pavement before the zoo building. We discovered something incredibly strange. Children were standing on both of our sides, broadwise. They ran to Sherlock and surrounded him. The crowd started to flow into the alley of the old factory what was in front of us. But some remained facing us, folding their arms and stopped our way to the alley.

’What the hell is going on here?’ I asked startled. We watched the children.

’A miracle’ said Mycroft quietly.

’We lose him! He came back at last and we lose him again. They take him away. What kind of miracle is that?’ I busted.

’I mean that he faces physical outnumber and he escapes without violence.’

I suddenly understood Mycroft’s words and the brilliance of Sherlock’s plan. Putting up his hands was not a sign of resign. He fooled us and signalled for the children. No agents would harm a teen. How could Mycroft order anything like that? It’s truly a miracle that Sherlock, whom I knew to be brutal uses such a clever, but peaceful method.

’I also remember the plan of the old factory.’ said Mycroft. ’Lots of gates and sewers. He had won.’

’He would have remained if you told him about Jim.’ I reproached.

Suddenly a small black drone flew through me and Mycroft. It hovered up higher, out of reach, and passed the standing children. We looked back. The drone was operated by Vestmenfort. Obviously he kept it in the pocket of his black coat. This coon is Mycroft’s deputy for a reason. Such a small drone cannot fly too long, but it is perfect to observe Sherlock’s route. I pulled for Vestmenfort, I thought he saved the situation.

My friend also noticed the drone – from the telltale murmur of the children.

’Oh, Vestmenfort just carries the day. Modern technique. I can wait till the accumulator goes dead.’ he said, but he was joking. He began to run, opened one of the factory doors and shut it behind him just before the drone reached it. The small device charged into the door and fell on the floor. It had been crashed.

Vestmenfort stepped up to the children.

’Who’s your leader?’

’Me. I’m Wiggins.’ answered a boy with a stalwart face.

’I double the amount Sherlock Holmes offered you. All of you.’ said Vestmenfort.

The answer was silence. Vestmenfort tried with quintuplication, then promised ten times as much money as my friend. He did not succeed, but I felt sincere respect for his brains and his tenacity.

’Who are you?’ he asked.

’The Baker Street Irregulars’ told Wiggins confidently. ’And we protect Sherlock Holmes at the expense of our lives, if it is needed.’

’I’ve got many things to do. Goodbye!’ said Mycroft, and turned back into the zoo.

I was disappointed. Sherlock left his brother brilliantly, but he did the same to me. After so many years I saw him at last – and lost him again.

Sherlockian Holmesian


BBC Sherlock Series 5 Vestmenfort

My despair dissolved when an idea of how to find Sherlock came into my mind. There’s the face mask and the coverall he left behind. I just take Toby and he helps me find my friend. I ran into the big room and grabbed the things. As I was upending, somebody caught my wrist. It was Vestmenfort, who realized what I wanted to do. We fought for the mask and the coverall.

’Stop it!’ ordered Mycroft.

Vestmenfort let me free. ’I’ll find him for you, sir. He arrived before us and had time to prepare. But next time… ’

’It’s over. The 25 million pounds reward for finding Sherlock isn’t valid any more. There’s no use of any further attempts. He recruited The Baker Street Irregulars against me. He can use them for lots of things. John, I set you free – you don’t have to report when you find him. Sherlock can find me if he wants. Goodbye!’

I objected.

’No! I have to know about Moriarty. You see, there were some things that I knew wrong about Nedi Ran. I cannot dilate and may make mistakes when I have false information. I don’t want to harm either of you.’

’It’s better for my brother to find out certain things on his own.’ answered the British government itself.

’You have to know one thing. I could never betray him, but the interests of England are also important. I should not choose between you – I would never be able to betray either him, or the country. Please, help me! Moriarty is dangerous. How should I gain time, how should I make the right decision when I know nothing? I need some information!’

Mycroft cleared his throat.

’To stand by me? When have I asked something like that from you? Never. You’re not indebted to me, John. Not for the therapy either. You’re fine, and that’s enough. Vestmenfort! Investigate the crime scene, do the disinfecting and make your report. And I want to know anything that is possible about The Baker Street Irregulars. That’s your special task as an agent, understand?’

’Yes, sir, as you wish.’ said Vestmenfort.

Mycroft Holmes left.


Vestmenfort glanced at me angrily. He assigned the tasks among the other agents, then we went to the other end of the zoo. The following conversation took place there.

’You haven’t called me.’

’I don’t know anything about the Killer Queen.’

’Not because of her.’

’Nedi Ran? I have heard she’s Mycroft’s wife.’ I tried to grope.

Vestmenfort bursted into a laugh.

’That’s hilarious! I’ve heard this ridiculous rumor so many times. Why people tend to see love where there’s nothing? I spend a lot of time with them. They are just friends. Friendship is a beautiful, noble thing. It’s great when you have a friend.’

I felt from that last sentence that he’s very lonely. So I tried to cheer him up.

’I have also heard that she’s actually…. his mother.’

He laughed again, and answered with another joke.

’Not at all! She’s his mother-in-law.’

We imagined both situations, and laughed heartily.

’It felt good.’ he said sincerely. ’I don’t even remember the last time I laughed this hard. But no. I tell you what it is. It has nothing to do with national security and I cause no harm with it. Mycroft loves escape rooms, he trains his brain with them. He plays with Nedi Ran, because the fact that he’s much smarter never makes her angry or envious. She’s learning from him willingly. That’s all. I know, because I’m there with them. I arrange the rooms and supervise their game. They are not lovers.’

These words made it clear to me why Nedi Ran wanted to escape the secret island when she saw her boss. It was, as Mycroft told me, just a little game. Vestmenfort continued.

They are friends, but they won’t admit it to each other.’ We giggled again.

’You don’t have to prove it with words. When a friendship works, it’s the biggest proof of its existence…. But you don’t like Nedi Ran.’

’Look, many agents dislike the fact that she earns as much as an MI6 agent. I do not like it either.’

I understood him, but I was also familiar with Nedi Ran’s situation.

’She had quite a hard life. She doesn’t even have her own flat. Maybe Mycroft wants to compensate all her hindrances. With a huge payment she’ll have the chance to be able to fend for herself.’

’Well, I’ve never thought about that. But we should talk about someone else.’



’You see, I’m really sorry for the reward and the drone. You know what? I’ll buy you a new drone if you help me.’

’I’m not corrupt. I would never betray my boss. Money is not the most important thing in this world.’

’And you don't want the £25 million?’

’Not at all. What I earn is enough for me.’

’Glad to hear that. So, what do you want?’

’It’s calm before the storm. If you have to choose, choose Mycroft, that’s the safest.’

’Of course. You say it because he’s influential and he’s your boss.’

’I don’t have any problems with either of the brothers. But Mycroft has more routine and more people. If Moriarty should blackmail you, which has only a little chance though, choose Mycroft.’

’Why has it only a little chance?’

’Promise me something. If the brothers turn against each other, protect Mycroft!’

’Hey! Sherlock’s not an evil murderer.’

’Neither is Mycroft.’

’We’re getting nowhere this way. Help me! What do you know about Moriarty?’

’His case is not mine.I only hand out less significant files to the police when Mycroft orders it. He has more deputies, six, just to be exact. The six of us work in three pairs.’

’You have to know something. You said there’s only a little chance that Moriarty would put me in the hole with the Holmes brothers. How did you come to that conclusion?’

’From you.’

’From me? Is there something I don’t notice?’

’You see the relationship between Moriarty and Mycroft wrongly.’

’I presume you’re right. It dawned on me at Mycroft’s office that Sherlock doesn’t trust him. But you know more about it, don’t you?’

Vestmenfort gave no answer.

’You know something, there is something between them. Wait! Wait a minute! Nedi Ran also referred to the fact that Sherlock knew something about Mycroft’s role. He went to the secret prison to lull his brother’s suspicion. So that something had to happen before that. Why don’t you tell me? I can keep the secret. If…’

’I tell you, but….I’m thinking about how to compose it.’

I saw him struggling, and I wanted to help.

’What have you seen? Who told you that about me?’

’You wrote about it in your blog. I read it sometimes.’

I felt that he didn’t want to insult me.

’You know it from me? I’ve written about this? When? Which case was it? Look, you don’t insult me. Say it!’

’Maybe the emergency diverted your attention, but you described the situation instinctively, relying on the facts. Just imagine! The leader of the biggest criminal gang is very angry at you – what does that mean?’

’He puts me to death.’

’Aha! This is a certain death sentence. Jim Moriarty was with you at the pool. But you and Sherlock got off.’

’Of course. Sherlock pointed at the bomb with his gun.’

’And? Moriarty had his henchmen there. You wrote that they targeted Sherlock.

BBC Sherlock Pool Jim Moriarty

They didn’t shoot him. Neither when he was pointing at the bomb with his gun – but in this case the criminals were worried that Moriarty should be injured. But I ask you, why haven’t they shoot later? Moriarty left after a well-timed phone call. They had the chance to kill Sherlock. Or later, when you came out from the pool…… And then, Moriarty visits Baker Street, but he just gives Sherlock the advice that he should die.’

’Do you think that Mycroft has something to do with it?’

’It’s evident.’

’I mentioned in my blog that I suspected Irene Adler called Jim. I know that she works for Mycroft….. Does it mean that Jim does the same?’

’Maybe yes, maybe no. As I told you, this is not my case. Mycroft perfectly provides exclusivity for the cases. The pairs have access only to their own. But he has a bigger impact on Moriarty than you think. Maybe he controls him, maybe he doesn’t have him in his full power, but he affects him. Perhaps he gives him orders, perhaps he withholds him. But one thing is sure: if I had been at the pool, I would have take it as a test – and by pointing at the bomb I passed the test.’

’But why would Mycroft bugger Sherlock around? And…. People have died because of Moriarty. Mycroft Holmes filled a whole plane with corpses, just to save the lives of British people. He himself is England, he can play games with Sherlock, but why would he kill his own citizens? How could these two men come together, when they are the polar opposites of each other? And they don’t have common interests either.’

’Well, this is the mystery of the century. But at this very case…. I just don’t know. But there are poor countries where neither the government nor the terrorist organizations have enough money to build hospitals. So they build and maintain them together. This way health care workers have their jobs, and the hospitals care for innocent people and terrorists as well. Nice, isn’t it?... Politics is often in league with the underworld... But I think Sherlock also realized this strong bond between Mycroft and Moriarty, either at the pool, or later, when he went over the events again. I don’t know how much more he knows. Please, John, believe me one thing! Mycroft isn’t a bad man. Defend him when Moriarty speaks ill of him, or when Sherlock is very upset because of him. I promise that I’ll do anything for the brothers if I have to.’

We sealed our promises with a handshake, but we both were in dread of the future.


Sherlockian Holmesian


The name Baker Street Irregulars comes from the Canon. Sherlock Holmes often gives little tasks to the street urchins,
who help him investigate. In The Sign of Four they find a small ship for him.

In The Empty House Holmes tells Watson that he had been to Tibet and met the head Lama.

During the stories Holmes ponders on the nature of violence on several occasions.


We used pictures of real Sherlock fans in the header.

Sherlockian Holmesian


Please keep in mind that BBC's ’Sherlock’ is the creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Everything else is fanfiction.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The story is by no means a prediction for the (possibly) upcoming Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with sherlockian-sherlock.com link. And if you want to, you can send us your theory or other Holmes-related writing: Send your article

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Sherlockian Holmesian


Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch
John Watson - Martin Freeman
Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss
Vestmenfort - Claes Bang
Wiggins - one little Cumberbatch boy

Sherlockian Holmesian

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