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Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes (Chapter 1.)

In the afternoon I was heading after my friend with Toby. We had quite a long walk from the zoo, but when he turned into a street, I felt that we’re near the goal. It was the street where Anderson lived. And as Nedi Ran said, he’s a huge fan of Sherlock. But Toby wanted to go further.

’Where are you going? We are here. Toby! Toby, stop! Toby!’

But the dog wanted to go.

’No, you’re wrong! That can’t be…’

Toby stopped at the back-stair entrance of the Sexy Sirens Club. He started to scratch the door. A security guard appeared. I told him I’m a friend of Nedi Ran. He said she’s not there, but I stated that I’d like to wait for her. I gave him some money to let me in. We went up to the attic and I saw her door.

’That’s impossible. It can’t be true.’

But Toby led me further. We passed another door with the text „Shower room” on it, then the dog stopped in front of a door that has „Monica” on it.

Sherlock once already bribed Monica to divert Nedi Ran’s attention. It seemed he gave her money to have a hiding place at her. I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I threw the face mask and the coverall to the floor. I brought out a lock pick I took from Baker Street. After opening the lock we entered.

I was held at gunpoint. Sherlock looked at me, wearing a suit. Obviously he heard the noises I made with opening the lock.

’Hello there! I have a message for my brother: I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t care what he wants.’

’Hi, Sherlock! It wasn’t Mycroft who sent me. I came by myself. Nobody has followed me. I promised Mycroft to let him know when I find you, but today he set me free after you made that miraculous escape from the zoo.’

He put the gun down to a table next to him and stepped in front of me. He was fresh and clean, as he had time to wash himself, and there were some nicely scented incense sticks burning in the room.

’All right. Let’s get done with it. Hit me! Come on! Punch me in the face!’

’Why should I punch you?’

’What I have done to you is irremissible. I enacted my death and I abandoned you for years. A true friend doesn’t do such a thing.’

’Surely not. An ordinary friend doesn’t. But you’re a special friend, who’s threatened by danger. You did not want to get in touch with me. But on my way here it dawned on me that you were thinking about me in advance. You asked Nedi Ran to write fan letters to me. I forgive you. I’m not angry. I’m happy that you are fine – that’s enough for me.’ I hugged him.

’Thank you. I’m really sorry. Those were extraordinary, difficult times.’ he said feelingly, then gently tapped me on the shoulder, signalling that he had enough from the hug.

’Sorry, I smell not so pleasant as you because of Be Be Lull. I didn’t have the time to take a shower. I had to collect Toby and a pick lock.’

Sherlock was petting Toby who was very happy to see him.

’The smell of the carcass bothers me the least. The whole case stinks more.’

He sat cross-legged on a table in front of the window. He looked out to the wonderful London panorama and began to talk.

’I do my daily meditation here. At night I sleep in Monica’s bed while she’s working, and we swap in the daytime. She’s resting in the other room, but we can be as loud as we want. That room is sound-proof for erotic reasons…. Isn’t it ironic? Nedi Ran doesn’t have her own flat because some mean people ruined not just her present, but her future as well. Monica earns large sums, but spends all for cosmetics, women’s magazines and online gaming – so she can’t afford her own home either. Two similar situations, but you can’t compare their fate.’ He was admiring the panorama. ’I like to meditate, and the sight of London relaxes me.’

’You’ve found the most ideal place. Right beside Nedi Ran.’

’Yes, it’s funny. Just imagine the surprise of hers and Mycroft’s!’

We laughed. I thought I’ll try to find how much he knows.

’What’s between the two of them? She could be his daughter.’

’She’s not, I’m absolutely sure of that. After my escape I travelled throughout Europe. Then I ended up in Tibet. It was there when I thought that she can be the seventh. When she told me about the bonbons I knew that they have a special bond. Mycroft secretly trained her to be his deputy Number Seven. I’m sure he gave her some paper that proves it – though I didn’t find it in her room. I searched everything when that little snake was away. Understandably she keeps it somewhere else. Maybe it’s a copy of Mycroft’s last will. Anyway, when the time comes, she will choose from the Six Napoleons.’

’The Six Napoleons?’

’The deputies of Mycroft. At the office they are called Napoleons.’

The words of Vestmenfort popped into my head: 'Mycroft has more deputies, six, just to be exact. The six of us work in three pairs.' Yes, three times two is six. I also remembered what Mycroft told me about Nedi Ran: ’We have our logic games, our spy games.’

Sherlock continued.

’Do you know how they call Mycroft? He’s Alexander the Great. But the ruler of the world can’t live forever either, so he surely provided for his successor. When he dies, each Napoleons would like to occupy his place, and Nedi Ran’s vote will be decisive. It makes no difference where she would be, maybe my brother gave her an online password…. Sometimes they make out their relationship to be ambiguous and trivial, sometimes they spread an insider rumor that she’s his wife. They want people in the office believe that their motivation is sex. They do all this to protect Nedi Ran, to hide her real role. But food - you can poison others using food. Mycroft accepts bonbons from her – this shows that he absolutely trusts her. In the office people think she’s an illiterate, spoilt spy or Mycroft’s secret wife – these are just disguises. Two false trails. I also heard another gossip: that she’s a traitor who only wants money. Do you think it’s true? If yes, Mycroft wouldn’t tolerate her and let her remain on his side. So we have three versions. Agents may believe what they want. Mycroft would do anything to disguise his real plans. He wants to secure the future of England and the world.’

’It sounds logical. But you don’t know yet that she’s in hospital. She injured when she jumped off the merry-go-round. Mycroft also cancelled her IPOD CLUB membership. I talked to Vestmenfort today, he doesn’t want Mycroft get in trouble.’

’Is that so? Interesting, but I still stick to my theory. Vestmenfort had always been loyal, he likes Mycroft. He learns a lot from him and looks up him. He’s good-hearted and would never attack my brother for power. But I think Mycroft hides his succession plans from him…. As for Nedi Ran, a deputy doesn’t have to be an IPOD CLUB member, but the cancellation of her membership can be the part of perturbation. Never forget, John, that Mycroft himself confirmed her role with agreeing helping Lady Frances Carfax. He does anything to keep her true role hidden for the agents. By the way, I know all of his deputies. Taking their abilities into consideration, I think Vestmenfort is the best candidate.’

’Yes, he’s an outstanding agent.’

’That’s right, though I had a really hard time persuading him that when he helps me to save Irene Adler, my brother will forgive him later. Fortunately Vestmenfort is very excited about crimes, so I offered him my two newest essays as a reward. He was happy with them, and this way there were no suspicious money transfers either. For a while Mycroft thought she was dead, but later he found out the truth, and this fact did him no harm.’

This made me smile. Sherlock was cunning in order to save the woman he admired. I said:

’Vestmenfort is sure that Mycroft is a good man.’

’Yes, he can be gracious with Vestmenfort, Nedi Ran and England, and at the same time he’s quite capable of hating one of his family members.’

’Why would he do that?’

’Perhaps because of the Blue Carbuncle. It’s one of the world’s most precious gemstones. Jewels usually don’t interest Mycroft, but this blue wonder was an exception. We first saw it when we were kids, at the home of the Countess of Morcar, who was a close family friend. She made a promise to give it to him, but she died without leaving an official last will stating this. So her son, Liam inherited the stone, who doesn’t want any children. He had already written his last will, and he left the Blue Carbuncle to me. I saved his dog, Jasper once (Link: Dogs in the Granada Sherlock Holmes series)... Anyway, Mycroft and me had lots of frictions even in our childhood.’

’Even then that stone means more to him than you?’

’You haven’t seen it, John. It’s amazing! Lots of murders happened for it in the past centuries.’

’I hope you’re wrong…. That’s awful to listen to…. Yet, it’s true that Moriarty is in connection with Mycroft somehow.’

We remained quiet for a while, because we felt that the danger is huge. Then I broke the silence.

’Whatever happens, I’ll always be by your side.’

’So we’re heading to Baker Street?’

’Do you return?’

’If you don’t mind.’

’Not at all! It’ll make me very glad.’

He smiled and jumped down from the table. He took two suitcases from the wardrobe. He was in danger, so he was ready to leave quickly. He put on his coat and deerstalker, while he was speaking.

’The Baker Street Irregulars protect me from Mycroft and his agents. Baker Street is the best place for fighting Jim Moriarty. That’s my terrain, with my friend by my side.’

We left for home happily with Toby. The security guard didn’t seem startled that I don’t wait for Nedi Ran and I arrived alone but leave with someone.

There’s something else you have to know.

Before we left, Sherlock stopped in front of Nedi Ran’s door. He took a piece of paper and a knife from his pocket. He pinned the paper with the knife to the door. It contained a message:

’I was hiding at Monica’s flat since I’ve returned to London. You still have a lot to learn – and my brother too. S. H.’

COMING SOON: An intruder at the police headquarters

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In The Empty House Holmes tells Watson that he had been to Europe and Tibet.

Countess of Morcar - The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

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