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Sherlock Holmes board game - Print your own for free!

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Sherlock Holmes Board Game

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BBC Sherlock Board Game free download - zip file

Just print and play! It's free.


1, Sherlock Board Game - Board
2, Sherlock Board Game - BBC Sherlock dice
3, Sherlock Board Game - Rules
4, Sherlock Board Game - 4 players
(Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Lestrade and Mycroft Holmes)

You can see Mycroft's new Diogenes Club here:
Intellectual Parasites Of Diogenes (IPOD) Club


BBC Sherlock Board Game
Format: zip file - Size: 3,80 MB

Created by:
Revati + SherlockExtra (Hungary -
and K-Bo. (United States - )

© All rights reserved.

Rules in Hungarian - Magyar szabályzat: BBC Sherlock Játék - szabályzat
Sherlockian Holmesian

Playing board games strengthens human relationships, it is mutual fun and joy. It enhances communication and the feeling of belonging together. Playing is a great experience. If you want to do others good, recommend this page. You can find the Share buttons on the site.

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Sherlock Board Game rules

1. You have to throw six to begin the game. Then you can throw once more and step accordingly, but this option is only valid at the beginning of the game.
2. Very important: it is prohibited to fall out during the game – this is not Cluedo.
3. Fields with Moriarty: you have to go back five steps
4. Mrs. Hudson: You had tea with Mrs. Hudson and took her wise advices, you can go upwards – just follow the arrow.
5. With the help of Molly you can go upwards. Follow the arrow.
6. Fields with 2B or not 2B: you have to go back and restart the game.
7. Keep calm field: jump to the smiley and you can choose the shorter or the longer way afterwards.
8. Deerstalker and magnifying glass: You can only go further when you list five supporting characters either from the BBC series or from the original novels.
9. Gingerbread man: You had some cookies with Watson, and one of his remarks helped you to solve a problem – step forward four fields.
10. Blood stain: You slipped on a blood stain – step forward two fields.
11. Apple: Moriarty left an apple for you – you miss three throws.
12. Field with book and site: You read a lot and collected information from You have all you need for your investigation – jump to the finish.
13. Mycroft’s umbrella: Mycroft helps you to move faster – go forward to the rubber boot field.
14. Irene Adler: She throws you down to the Moriarty field, so you have to go back five steps.
15. You hold Moriarty at gunpoint, but it needs time, so you have to continue the game on the longer path – follow the arrow.
16. The Hound: the beast cornered you, and it will let you go if you list three important female characters from the novels, because he needs some tenderness.
17. Bomb: Moriarty threw a bomb at you – go back to the Keep calm field for shelter.
18. St. Bart’s: While you were experimenting, Molly locked you in the morgue. You miss two throws.
19. You can finish the game only when you throw the correct number (when you need three steps and you throw six, you have to step backwards).

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