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To be a member of the Club the following things are needed:

1. Being familiar with and respecting Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. It is required to read at least once the whole Canon. It is also a requirement to watch at least once the Granada series with Jeremy Brett.

2. The use of the Hungarian language (you have to be able to speak, write and read in Hungarian)

3. Age of discretion (you have to be 18 years old or older). Exception of the rule can be made in case of a person with the minimum age of ten whose one parent or tutor is a member of the club for at least two years, and who would willingly be our member.

4. For our members Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are the symbols of true friendship

5. You have to fill in a preliminary test (in person or online)

These criteria may differ in the case of honorary membership. For example, when a famous foreign Sherlockian wants to join us, he/she doesn’t have to speak Hungarian.

Further inportant informations:

Earlier our membership rules were not so strict, but some misbeliefs originating from certain movies and other adaptations that either do not respect the Canon or willingly distorting it lead to misunderstandings among our members. To minimize or fully avoid this now the basic knowledge of the Canon is required. Basic knowledge means that you have read Conan Doyle’s 56 Sherlock Holmes stories and 4 novels at least once. This is an established custom of several Sherlock Holmes societies around the world, to assure a higher quality club life. Our aim is to remain a cultural club about the Great Detective, and by no means to turn into a temporary fanclub of a current Holmes actor.

(Naturally we respect the many artists who played the character of our hero, but we do not want to have their other works and private lives to be the main topic at the Club. We leave these to the gutter press and to the fanclubs of the artists.)

Filling in the preliminary test does not mean that you automatically become a member of the Club. In case of an inappropriate test the Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club has the right to reject the applicant. You can fill in another test after one month.

It is an advantage if an active club member recommends you for application. In this case you still have to do the preliminary test.

Unlike other clubs, we do not have a membership fee, but it may occure that you have to pay your own expenses in connection with our events (travel expenses, costs of movie tickets, etc.). Our events are voluntary.

None of our members are obliged to buy and wear a deerstalker, a pipe or a coat. But Sherlockian style dressing is always welcomed in the Club.

Our future events will be held most likely in Budapest. The majority of our members live there and the capital can easily be reached from anywhere in the country. It is not allowed for Club members to organize events without the knowledge and official permission of the presidency. It is also prohibited to take legal or any other responsibilities, to sell club badges and other Sherlock memorabilia and to take on duties in the name of the Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club. Damaging our reputation may imply legal procedure (lawsuit).

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