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Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat

Author: SherlockExtra - Translator: Revati

Sherlockian Holmesian

The most striking trademark of Holmes is his unique double-flapped hat. As a matter of fact, it is a hat used by hunters. Its fabric is wadded wool, and its shape is peculiar: there is a rim both on its front and on its back, it has two flaps hold together by a stylish ribbon on the top.

Sidney Paget the first illustrator of Holmes novels wore a deerstalker too, and so did the American actor William Gillette, who was the first actor to portray Sherlock in theatre. The great detective presumably inherited the habit of wearing something on his head outdoors from dr. Joseph Bell, who inspired his character. To cover the head outdoors was usual in the Victorian era. (You can see them on the next pictures:)

Dr. Joseph Bell and Sherlock Holmes

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In Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) the title character wears a deerstalker that belongs to a bohemian university professor who is an inventor. Holmes respects him very much, that is why he dons the hat and he doesn’t care about those who laugh at him because of his headgear.

Nicholas Rowe Young Sherlock deerstalker cap

Sherlock actor: Nicholas Rowe

Sherlock Holmes deerstalkers cap

Today the Sherlockian world respects Sidney Paget because of his habit of wearing a deerstalker. His daughter Winifred told her father did not wear the deerstalker because he liked to hunt – his reason was that this kind of hat was comfortable for country life. And he gave a deerstalker to Holmes because the sleuth hunted for criminals. For a deeper analysis on the personality of the detective read our article on Alexander the Great.

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Sherlock Holmes deerstalker cap

The shape of the famous detective's deerstalker is similar to the cap policemen wear. Because of this their silhouette resembles as well. This similarity could result in the fact that criminals feared the sleuth. Though Holmes is not a member of the official police, his clothes show that he takes his profession seriously. At the same time his clothes make him unique - nobody else wears the deerstalker for criminal investigation.

It is believed that Sherlock’s hat was originally grey, without patterns, but in the course of time brown, chequered and other versions (black, for example) became popular too. The chequered one was useful as cover-up during hunting, and it looked special on screen.

Holmes donned his deerstalker only in the country, in the city he wore a hat or top hat. Unfortunately some adaptations pay no attention to this, so the detective treads the streets of London wearing a deerstalker. "Holmes sent off a short wire, and for the rest of the drive lay back in the cab with his hat tilted over his nose to keep the sun from his face." - quote from The Cardboard Box.

Matt Frewer's Sherlock Holmes deerstalkers cap

Matt Frewer's Sherlock Holmes wore his cap in London.

Jeremy Brett used thicker and thinner versions of the deerstalker while shooting the Granada series (The studio respected the habit of deerstalker wearing.). Since Holmes is the picture of logic, nowadays this type of hat symbolizes learning or refers to the brilliant detective.

BBC Sherlock deerstalkers cap

In the modern BBC Sherlock series the deerstalker appears as a kind of gag. This series unfortunately does the deerstalker lots of wrong. First of all, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) steals it. It is the subject of loathing and hate, and the situation doesn't get better later. The cap will be the instrument of sensationalism and splurge - none of these typify the canonical Holmes.

Celebrities in deerstalker:

Many famous people wore this hat. We do not form any opinion on them, we only indicate the fact that they wore the cap.

Cher in deerstalker - The Cher Show 1975 as CHERlock Holmes:

Cher in deerstalker

Celebrity deerstalker

Jeffrey Matthew Settle (actor) has a hat
that slightly differs from the traditional deerstalker.

And others:

John McCririck deerstalker hat

John McCririck is an English television horse racing expert. His signature, flamboyant attire of large deerstalker hat, sideburns and brightly-coloured, matching suits and trousers, coupled with huge cigars became a recognisable personal style.

One of the perfect Holmes portrayals:

Celebrity deerstalker

Thomas Brezina is an Austrian writer of children's books.
He plays the great detective in the Forscherexpress. (ORF)

Henry Gibson in Sherlock Holmes cap:

Henry Gibson deerstalker

Michael Jackson in deerstalker:

Michael Jackson in deerstalker

The deerstalker is really comfortable. It protects from sunlight, wind and rain. It does not ruffle your hair and it is durable.

Recommended cap: Harris Tweed Deerstalker Hat
(handmade, 100% Pure New Wool, high quality - Harris Tweed is one of the world's rarest and most sought after fabrics.)

You can wear a deerstalker:

- for hunting (especially deer stalking)
- on Sherlock Holmes meetings
- on excursions
- on parties, fancy-dress balls
- on lessons (for arouse interest)
- for sleeping, as eye-shade.

Never forget that you can hide some secret things in this useful head-gear.

Everybody needs a Sherlock Holmes cap.

Sherlockian Holmesian

" The deerstalker of Sherlock Holmes "

Author: SherlockExtra
Translator: Revati

© All rights reserved.

Sherlockian Holmesian

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