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Sherlock 5 episode under 14 PLEASE DON'T READ FURTHER IF YOU ARE UNDER 14. Sherlock 5 episode under 14

Sherlockian Holmesian

Chapter 1. - Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock 5 John Watson

My name is dr. John H. Watson. I am a military surgeon at the Special Air Service (SAS). I did not have anything to report to you for years. I sincerely beg your pardon. After waking up from the coma I went through exercises and tough workouts, I had to do lots of mind training, I played with Rubik’s cube and did crossword puzzles, and slowly rebuilt my career. It is clear to me that you are much more eager to know what had happened to my extraordinary friend, Sherlock Holmes. Well, now I can tell a story about him and about a woman who brought chaos. I can give an account of scams, of Moriarty, Mycroft, of The Six Napoleons, of The Blue Carbuncle, of danger, IOU, opium and death.

After coming back from being unconscious, I had to work hard and persistent for years to gain the physical and mental power I possessed before. Then I made my decision and applied to the SAS. I thought Sherlock Holmes, on whose side sometimes I felt being on a battlefield, may be dead, I did not know anything about him. Missing my friend, I wanted to be helpful. I was living on an island you couldn’t find on any map, in one of the secret SAS bootcamps. I praised my people because we achieved a record in running. I was heading for my room, and I smelled the scent of opium perfume in front of the door. I checked the wall clock – I was just in time, as I wanted. ’Now I’ve got you’ – I told myself. Entering the room I clung to the doorway and obstructed the skinny nurse’s path.

’Good day.’

’Good day to you, dr. Watson. Would you let me out?’

’I think we have to talk.’

’If you need something, talk to the head-nurse. I have to leave now, I’ve been asked to assist an operation’ – she said with a cold face.

’That’s not true.’

'It’s true. I have to go.’

’I’m strong enough myself, but I can call the soldiers as well. They don’t like spies either.’

The woman took a few steps backwards, and seated herself in one of my armchairs. I closed the door behind me and sat on a chair in front of it, blocking the only way out.

’Dr. Watson, you underwent a dreadful trauma years before. I understand that it was a huge shock, and you are distrustful since then. If you think that I’m a spy, maybe you still need some help…’

’No. Marta Hai – this is on your name tag. It’s an anagram, Mata Hari was one of the most famous spies. I am a military surgeon here, I have full access to the database. I checked you. You don’t work for the SAS. Your disguise is almost perfect, but, unlike our nurses, you don’t have a nurse’s watch. The clip is there, and there’s a chain, but the pocket on your chest doesn’t bulge, which means that it is empty. It would be much more practical to wear the watch outside. And what is more, there’s a thin blue stitching at the top of the pocket – you can’t find that on the uniform of the nurses working here. The only thing you bring me is vitamin C, and when I ask for anything else, you direct me to the other nurses. You smell like perfume, not like medicines. When I mentioned that you’re a spy, you sat down – this is a confession.’

’Not at all! I sat down because you threatened me… It’s just great! My colleagues told me that you’ve got a vivid imagination, but please continue this conversation later, they’re waiting for me at the operating room. Please, let me go, because in the course of time someone will find us, or you’ll have to sleep, so I’ll find a way to get out. Anyway, the patient may die if I’m not taking part in the operation.’

’A non-existent patient cannot die. And nobody will be looking for someone who doesn’t work here.’

’Don’t bet on it!’

’Well, if my fantasy plays a trick on me, that’s easy to refute. Show me your watch and I let you go.’

The lips of the woman began to tremble. ’All right, you’ve won.'

We had a long talk. Later I was still very frustrated when I went to take a shower. Emotions and fears were whirling inside my head. I haven’t shown anything from this until we were talking, but I confess, my legs trembled when I was alone.

At the afternoon workout I was full of doubt. My calmness vanished. I desperately wanted to see Sherlock….. if he’s really alive. I also wanted to experience the excitement of our investgations. On the other hand, so many years had passed, and I still did not know how many of my memories were true. Glancing at my watch I praised the boys again, because our results were astonishing, and I was proud of how fit I became. I made such great efforts to put the pieces of my life together again. Is it worth to risk all that? I was struggling. ’Damn stress!’ I grunted and headed for the canteen. I thought I’ll take a shower after eating. A slice of chocolate cake was really tempting, but I decided to have a sandwich and some salad – I didn’t want to risk the results I had with my weight. I took a seat at the window, to enjoy the panorama of the island. A little later black helicopters arrived, and Gloria Estefan’s ’Turn the beat around’ bellowed from them.


People were excited at the canteen, and some soldiers already rushed closer. ’Thank heavens I’m not an active soldier, so I keep out of this, whatever may it be’ – I thought. Although it became very suspicious. Newspapers were falling from the helicopters. One was so close that I saw a dreadful picture – Sherlock with a bleeding head, and the caption read: ’Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes’.

Sherlock 5 Magazine Cover

Chapter 2. - The wilful stranger

I leaped, run out, lifted my right hand and brandished to the soldiers:’It’s allright, guys! They’ve come to me.’

The music shut up and the helicopters started to land. The soldiers returned to their duties. I turned my back to the helicopters as their doors opened.

’Hello, Mr. Holmes.’ - I greeted my guest.

There was no answer, but I felt that the visitor stands motionless behind me. No matter which Holmes arrived, he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to let me guess his identity, and maybe fail. They have an affection to play, surprises and mental games. One thing was sure: the visitor was a wilful stranger on this island.

’Mr. Mycroft Holmes’ – I said before turning towards him.

There he was – the ruler of the United Kingdom, though some would say, he rules the whole world. He greeted me with an approving nod. ’Good day, John.’ - he said, then gestured to his people with his umbrella, who started to collect the newspapers.

’What an impressive entry. You are good at causing sensation, just like your brother. Wow, one of the greatest environmentalists uses fake newspapers…..I got it! You did not know my exact whereabouts and wanted to call me forth. Faster... Very clever!’

’You recovered, became a surgeon at SAS, and now this deduction.... Great progress, hard to believe. But I don’t have time to chat’ – he answered coldly. ’Is he here?’

’Who do you mean? Sherlock? No, he’s not. So he’s alive then, as I presumed. At least this is true.’

’You know, he’s always turning up like a bad penny.’

’My memories are not the most reliable yet.’

’Poor you. I don’t care about your health problems. I need my brother, so we’re going to London.’

’I’m sorry, I don’t go with you.’

’Arrest him’ - he ordered. His people straddled me when I stopped them.

’Wait….you don’t need to do this. There is a visitor in my room who might be useful.’

’Well, all right. Show me the way.’

I lifted my bunch of keys which were fallen out of my hand. I shook it a little bit, then carefully opened the door. I hoped this agreed sign will work. Mycroft entered after me.

’An empty room? Don’t play tricks on me!'

’Would you like some tea, Mycroft? And while we’re having tea, you’ll have time to explain what have you done to get your brother upon your ears so much that you do not know where he is.’

’I haven’t done anything. Things were fine, but Sherlock is such an unpredictable nervous wreck sometimes. Do you agree coming with me or should I force you?’ - Some of his people entered.

’Sherlock won’t get in touch with me. Years have passed, and he did’n do anything to prove me he’s alive. You know what he told me before he jumped off the roof? He said it’s only a trick, a magic trick. He also told me to stay where I was, but I disobeyed and run to help him. I did not think, I followed my instincts. I spoilt everything, and he’s angry at me. He’s been in trouble and I didn’t do what he asked. Do you think he would need a unreliable friend or colleague?’

’There’s no use to chew on the past. Let’s go!’


Mycroft turned back. ’Take him!’ - he ordered his agents. He did not search the room – he thought if his brother’s there, he’ll show up hearing the arrest.

’Give me another day! I have a new life, it’s hard to leave it behind. Let me pack my things and get mentally ready. If you give me some time, I hand over Nedi Ran.’

Mycroft stopped.

’Nedi Ran? Your life must be really boring if you make friends with treacherous snakes.’

’Are you sure she’s treacherous?’

’No question! Be careful with her. Just to convince you: Sherlock hates her. Nedi Ran betrays everybody for money.’

’It seems like I’ve missed lots of things again. So many huge and complicated events...Do you hate her too?’

’I know how to handle traitors. How did you get to know her?’

He sent out his agents with a whisk of his hand. We sat down to have a tea. England’s busy ruler suddenly had some time. I thought my brain works well, because I managed to manipulate him.

’Well….Sherlock introduced her before the jump.’ - I lied to him.

’Very strange. She hates Sherlock. Their cooperation didn’t go well either…..But…’

Mycroft suddenly rose. He went to my medicine cabinet and took the vitamin C from it. He showed his brilliant logic again.

’Show yourself, Nedi Ran!’ - he ordered, and I understood that I couldn’t manipulate him. He knew certain details and only played for time to get the whole picture.

She crawled out from under the bed. She hid there when I shook my bunch of keys.

’Your observing skills are still awesome, Mycroft.’ - I admitted. I stood up. He lifted the small box of medicine.

’This was very suspicious. You told her name... She still brings you vitamins everyday because she’s worried about you. You are a doctor, so I suppose you take the medicines you need. You’ve already taken yesterday’s, which means that this must be for today. Helicopters carrying staff members and mail take off twice a day from the island.

Mycroft Holmes Helicopter

The second run will lift off in 17 minutes. The deduction is simple: she has to be here. I also smell her opium perfume in the room.’

The elegant man eyed the woman up and down with dislike.

’What a miserable disguise!’

’This was the only left to borrow. Why, it’s just perfect for roleplay, and John loves it. Is that right, my sweet, sexy dr. John Watson?’

She came closer with a luscious smile. I stood dumbfounded as she started to wrap her arms around me. Suddenly she tossed me to Mycroft and run out of the room. I wanted to rush after her, but the voice of my wilful guest stopped me.

We had very comfortable seats at the back of the helicopter. Mycroft didn’t allow me to stay one more day, so the agents packed my belongings. We slowly approached London. I think Nedi Ran was the only one who didn’t enjoy the flight (Mycroft’s agents recognized and stopped her as soon as she went out of the building). She sat by my side, sulking.

’So Sherlock’s alive…..and what about Moriarty?’ - I asked. I tried to put the pieces together.

’What do you think?’ - asked back Mycroft. He opened his briefcase and gave me some photos. I saw Moriarty laying at the hospital roof, his head bleeding.

’He’s alive as well.’

’Right. We couldn’t locate cameras at the roof, but we made clear photos from the nearby buildings and some small drones were of great help too. Nedi Ran, why is Moriarty alive?’

’Because he was too coward to die’ – she replied.


’He wanted to live – to kill you.’

’That’s ridiculous! Don’t be a silly woman!’

Mycroft’s psychological trick was effective, his agent took her task seriously. After a short time she said:

’His blood is black, and it poured very oddly, in two directions at the same time.’

’That’s all? What do you think, what else had John seen?’

’What else can be? This guy shot himself….. Nobody survives a shot in the head...

Jim Moriarty fake died

... Oh! He did not! I don’t see bone particles or pieces of his brain. The gun was fake.’

(Recommended site: Jim Moriarty theory)

I thought I could explain her the details showing that the gun was fake, but Mycroft was quicker.

’You see, you can use your brain’ – but he brought down her pride at the very moment, adding: ’What a pity that you use it for evil.’

’Moriarty, Sherlock or you – I don’t give a damn. Leave me out of your games.’

’I have sent you away from London. You had new papers and a flat in Hungary. I wanted to leave you out. But you came back, and why? Because of John. Indeed, John! Did she mention that she almost killed you?’

Nedi Ran had tears in her eyes and she clenched her fists. It seemed like she could start yelling, hitting Mycroft or even jump out of the helicopter. I embraced her and tried to console her with my words.

’Hey, don’t worry. We’ve already talked about it. It’s not your fault. Look, you see that I’m fine. Everything’s allright.’

A short time later she smiled at me. Then took a cellphone from her pocket and showed Mycroft a video. The person whom the ruler of the world was eagerly seeking smiled and wawed to the camera.

’Hello, my dear brother!’ - I heard his distinctive voice.

’Sherlock….but how….Now everything’s clear to me. You cheated on me!’ - this was the first time to see his hand stretch from being nervous. Him and Nedi Ran were staring at each other and the tension was clearly sensible.

The mood became sinister in the helicopter. At that time none of us suspected the fatal events we were heading for.

I will continue telling this tragic story, but I’m sure you eagerly want to know why Sherlock and Nedi Ran hate each other and how they collaborated. Most of the details I have from the spy lady. Some I figured out with logic, based on the facts I knew about Sherlock. Sometimes I used my imagination too. I try to tell everything with respect to the facts, but it is still very difficult for me – given that I had a serious head injury and that evoking the events has its emotional strains on me as well.


Sherlock season 5: Chapter 3. - Sexy Sirens Club - Part 1.

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Sherlockian Holmesian


Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:
The Adventure of the Illustrious Client

Sherlockian Holmesian

Ernő Rubik Jr. Rubic Cube


Rubik’s Cube (its first name was Magic Cube) is a three-dimensional mechanic logic game that was invented in 1974 by Hungarian Ernő Rubik Jr, who is a sculptor, architect, designer, interior decorator, inventor and academic. Each face of the cube has a different colour and each consists of nine squares. Each face can be turned independently. To solve the puzzle, you have to return each face to have only one colour.


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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Please keep in mind that BBC's ’Sherlock’ is the creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Everything else is fanfiction.

Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch
John Watson - Martin Freeman
Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss
Nedi Ran - ? - top secret

Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

As we are Hungarians, we gladly use canonical references, allusions to the events happened in the BBC series Sherlock, and Hungarian references in the stories.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The story is by no means a prediction for the (possibly) upcoming Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with link. And if you want to, you can send us your theory or other Holmes-related writing: Send your article

Sherlockian Holmesian

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