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Sherlock Sexy Sirens Club

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Chapter 3. - Sexy Sirens Club - Part 2.


Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes (Chapter 1.)

Awful trumpet music was blasting in the dressing room of the striptease bar. The girls were laughing, dancing and shouting. Suddenly the door flung open, and a fury appeared in a dark blue nightgown. Her eyes were sparkling as she shrieked:

’For heaven’s sake! Ordinary people would like to sleep! It’s a normal thing. Why don’t you understand that?... The rules of the house don’t allow playing loud music in the dressing room!... What a horrible noise! At least you’d listen to some enjoyable music – Alice Cooper, for example.’

The girls just laughed.

’Well, so you are an ordinary woman?’ - joked the super sexy Monica, who had long black hair. ’You know what is normal? To earn some good money. The next show begins soon. Why don’t you join, Nedi Ran? Just a little dance and you get the money. There’s nothing bad in that.’ The girls surrounded her. They threw a red feather boa around her shoulder and dragged her from the door. Monica continued: ’Come on, Nedi Ran! I’m sure we’ll find someone who pays a whole pound for you.’

The girls laughed mischievously, hearing the low price. They jostled about her for a while till she could get free. She didn’t say a word, but she was feeling abashed. She slammed the closet door through which she arrived. She went through the girl’s dresses and costumes in the huge wardrobe, then opened the door at the other end of it. She went up the stairs. Reaching the top she pulled up the trapdoor leading to a rooftop corridor. She carefully closed the door and stood in front of her rented room. The loud music stopped – it made her really happy. She entered the room, closed the door and looked at her bed. The small flat was barely lit by the street lihgting. All she wanted was to have some more sleep. She was tired. As she approached the bed that was placed parallel to the wall, she heard a little noise. She suddenly became refreshened and she was aware of danger. She snapped a large, empty perfume bottle from the shelf above the bed. The room was small and she knew very well that the only hiding place was inside the wardrobe, next to the entrance door. The noise she heard was caused by someone pulling away the wardrobe door. The visitor must be inside.

Nedi Ran's Beedroom

She was fast, turned around and tried to hit the stranger with the bottle, but her guest grabbed her wrist. The bottle fell from her hand and shattered on the floor. The visitor easily pinned her down to the bed.

’Let me go, you scoundrel!’

’Hello, Nedi Ran.’ – Sherlock said calmly.

’Hello, and get out of here!’ - she answered and struggled to get free. Sherlock saw terrible fear and hatred in her eyes. This and the signs of anorexia told him that she most likely had been sexually abused, on a regular basis. Therefore he loosened his grip to not to cause any pain, but he still held her firmly.

’I won’t hurt you. We have to talk.’

’All right, we’ve already done that. Get out!’

’This will be a longer talk. I don’t hurt you. Calm down. I promise you are safe. I let you go.’

He did what he said. Nedi Ran was slackened. She spoke very softly.

’That’s better, I like it...Men and women often talk….Let’s see. Sherlock Holmes is in a striptease bar, in my bed...He wants to talk….or maybe he wants to have sex with me?’ She lifted her arms and buried them under her pillow. Her boobs rose from this movement. Her nightgown opened slightly, showing her night-dress.

Sherlock enjoyed the situation. He leant to Nedi Ran’s ear…

’If you are looking for the knife, I already have it’ – he said cheerfully.

’How nasty you are! You’ve followed me.’

Sherlock rose.

’You’re wrong. I couldn’t risk anyone finding the secret fortress. I returned to the place where I was supposed to stay. I came from there.’

’You gave money to the girls to allure me downstairs, and you broke into.’

’I like surprises.’

’You like this as well, then?’- she asked, as she pushed a button on the inner side of the carved desk beside the bed. A hiding place was revealed, from where she grabbed a gun and aimed it at Sherlock. At the same time she kicked him off the bed.

’Get out!’ - she yelled, jumping to her feet. She held him at gunpoint.

Sherlock got up from the floor and raised his hands.

’Nedi Ran…’

She fired two bullets in the floor, what ushered him off. He heard as the key turned in the lock. He knocked several times, but had no answer. The great detective took a few steps then turned back, and slammed the door with his fist.

’I will die today…..Mycroft ordered you to help me.’

’I know how to shoot an injection. There’s nothing to talk about that. And if you keep harassing me, I will be the cause of your death, not Moriarty or your fake jump. Go away, you meddler!’

The trapdoor opened and two bouncers appeared from the bar. They came because of the noise.

’What the hell is going on here? Are you allright, Nedi Ran?’

’Sure. I’m fine, but I hate assholes!’

’I forgot to buy flowers for our date.’ - Sherlock explained. (He lied.)

’You have our sympathy.’ - the bouncer answered.

’Thanks, guys!’ - the detective said. - ’I can deal with it.’

’Good luck, man!’

’Thanks, good night!

The men closed the trapdoor.

Sherlock knocked several times, but had no answer. He began to walk about in the corridor. He waited and was hoping Nedi Ran calms down and opens the door, but nothing happened. Then he sat down besides the door, took a pen and some paper from his pocket and wrote a few lines.

’I’m ready to pay. Let’s talk!’ He pushed the slip of paper under the door. The written answer arrived shortly.

’I don’t need your money.’

’That’s not true! Mycroft doesn’t pay you enough if you live here.’ - he shouted.

’Leave me alone! I don’t want to talk to you!’ - she shouted.

’Calm down! Do you want some opium?’

’No! I don’t need drugs, unlike you.’

Sherlock realized he expressed himself dubiously.

’I meant the perfume. That rose scent smells on you like you’re rotting.’

His words were followed by an enormous loud noise. Sherlock winced. Then he saw that a bullet was lodged in the opposite wall. He observed that the shot was aimed at the top of the door, so it would not have hurt him if he stood in front of the door. Nedi Ran didn’t want to injure him, but the message was clear: she doesn’t want to talk.

He took a small bottle from his pocket.

’The skin has its own scent, you know? Yours needs another aroma…..I thought I can give it to you under other circumstances, but here you are’ – and he rolled in the bottle under the door.

Opium perfume

’You are an expert of scents as well, I know. Of course, you are the famous gay friend of dr. Watson! I don’t have any problems with your sexual identity, but I don’t need the advice of a gay guy. I hate fashion. I’d rather have some sleep, thank you.’

Sherlock jumped to his feet and slammed the door.

’I am not gay!’ – then he stepped back and controlled himself. ’I mean, being gay is okay, but I am straight. I don’t work for Scotland Yard and I’m not a drug addict. Lots of fake information appeared in the media, and to judge me based on these is not fair...

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... I’m a consulting detective who lives for his profession. Knowing different scents belongs to my job, because they can be traces on a crime scene. I know lots of perfumes, because women are often the motive or the cause of crimes.’

’Stop annoying me or I really cause one!’

Sherlock began to walk again. ’Women!’ - he grunted nervously.

He waited patiently later. Nothing had happened. He approached the door.

’Okay, good bye.’

He went to the trapdoor, opened and closed it loudly, but remained on the corridor. He hoped the sound will be enough for Nedi Ran to think he has gone and she’ll open the door. He matched his palms in front of his chest, just like when he was in deep concentration.

Sherlock Holmes wait

’Come on, you vixen!’ - he whispered.

He took a deep breath several times. He was upset and stepped to the trapdoor. And then he heard Nedi Ran’s ecstatic rejoice.

’Oh, my God! What a scent! I just love it!’

Sherlock grinned. He knew that from now on he’s manipulating Mycroft’s agent. He darted to the door. He was delighted to hear the key turning. Nedi Ran appeared. She was surprised to see the detective, because she thought he’d already left and she could follow him.


Sherlock season 5: Chapter 3. - Sexy Sirens Club - Part 3.

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Sherlock Holmes was an expert of perfumes and scents. This knowledge proved to be very useful in many of his investigations. He also said women often motivate and sometimes commit crimes.

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

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