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Sherlock Sexy Sirens Club

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Chapter 3. - Sexy Sirens Club - Part 3.


Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes (Chapter 1.)

’Opium’ – said Sherlock.

’Isn’t it dangerous?’

’Not in the form of perfume or incense.’

Sherlock come

’Come in!’ - invited him Nedi Ran.

He stepped in gladly and closed the door behind himself.

’If you think I would spy on Mycroft for you, you are wrong. I would never do that.’ - she said.

Sherlock did not want that at all, but he loved to play, so he used the opportunity.

’Though, as I said, you surely don’t earn much when you have to live here.’

’You are wrong. I earn as much as an MI6 agent – while I’m only the member of the IPOD CLUB.’

’Wow, that’s nice! But don’t delude yourself. My brother doesn’t trust you. That’s why he keeps you on his side. You think you are important, but he keeps you near to see what you are doing, whether you make mistakes or not. Your high payment keeps you calm.’

Nedi Ran looked sad as she sat down on her bed. She was thinking for a few seconds.

’You’re wrong again. Mycroft trusts me.’

’No way. You don’t know him.’

’Yes, he trusts me. Okay, in his own way.’ - Her voice was full of pride as she continued. ’Well, I have to tell you that apart from the valuable things he receives from Her Majesty The Queen, the souvenirs from his relatives and the stuff you give him as gifts, he only accepts my presents. He doesn’t even give a look at the presents he receives from chiefs of state, high-ranking officers or influential businessmen. He ordered these to be given out for charity. The IPOD CLUB members do this. He doesn’t even accept any gift from Anthea, yet she’s his secretary.’

’That’s not true. Mycroft doesn’t need anything from you.’

’You still don’t believe me. I tell you what my present is for him. It’s a superior quality, very delicious bonbon. I leave special signs on it, that only the two of us know.’

The recognition dawned upon him.

’That’s why he bought a treadmill then! He’s afraid of gaining weight….He tends to....

MYCROFT HOLMES TRAINING: "Gonna Fly Now" (Theme from Rocky, composer: Bill Conti)

Mycroft Holmes fat Sherlock Holmes smile

... Well, bonbon…’

’Either I give it to him personally, or when he’s not in his office, I hang it to his door with a white ribbon. Each day. He checks the sign and knows that it’s from me.’ - she gestured towards the door. ’If you want to continue insulting me, go away. I still have some bullets, or I can scratch your eyes out…… I’m not a prostitute.’

My opinion is that my friend understood at last why was Nedi Ran so angry. He remembered his own words: ’Recently you employ prostitutes as well? The standard of your personnel reached the bottom, Mycroft.’

He felt embarrassed and threw himself into a leather armchair. He spoke sincerely.

’I am really sorry for that. I wanted to strike back to Mycroft. When you were disgusted, I thought you were protecting him. I didn’t consider that it would offend you so much. I make mistakes very rarely, but the stamp of the striptease club on your wrist lead me to a wrong conclusion. I did not want to hurt you.’ He offered his hand.

A few seconds passed without a word.

’All right, I forgive you’ – Nedi Ran timidly shook his hand. ’ I also beg your pardon for calling you a scoundrel.’

’Hey, and what about the Scotland Yard jack-in-the-office? That’s much worse.’

They both began laughing.

’I beg your pardon for that too.’

’I don’t belong to any organization. I created my own profession, and I’m independent’ – said the master sleuth proudly.

’Just like Mycroft created his.’

’Yes, though he’s got different tasks.’

’Sherlock, many thanks for the perfume, but…..I can’t betray him.’

’This affection is very nice, but I have to warn you: in case of trouble he won’t return it. He won’t hesitate saving himself.’

’I know. His profession is like that… And I don’t expect it from him. He offered me a job because Anthea asked him. She’s my cousin. Our families lived far from each other. Some really bad guys hurt me, but I managed to escape after long years of torture. I could start a new life here in London. Anthea helped me a lot. Though I did not asked, Mycroft sent my tormenters to prison, and gave me a chance to change my life. I could have my own profession, yet it’s not so important like yours…. I have a goal in my life that is worth to live for. It’s a fantastic experience to be at the side of your brother, to watch him. When I realized what he had done with my tormenters, I wanted to show my gratitude. That wasn’t easy, because he’s got everything he needs. Once when he asked me to bring some files back to the archives, I left one bonbon on his desk. He thought it was accidentally and reminded me for that. I could hardly tell him it’s for him and closed the door behind me….I was afraid….But later he said thank you. I took him another one on the following day, and on the third day as well. Then he asked me to put a sign on the bonbons, to avoid the risk of being poisoned. That’s how it began…

Szamos bonbon

Mycroft loves the products of the hungarian Szamos Chocolate Factory.
Rumor has it that he had already visited the museum and workshop
of the factory in Budapest.

Webpages: Szamos Museum and Workshop , Szamos Gallery

... I respect Mycroft so much! He’s so convincing at meetings, his ability to combine things, he’s so determined, and the way he settles international affairs….. His knowledge is overwhelming, his accuracy and his immense perseverance….’

The praise of his brother bored the younger Holmes.

’I didn’t come because of my brother.’

Nedi Ran tried to deduce.

’Well, you’ll jump in the afternoon. The secret mailbox is far from here, so I don’t have enough time to leave a message for Moriarty.’

The recognition struck Sherlock.

’You’re spying for him as well.’ He stood up and turned around, bewildered.

’For anyone who pays. If Anderson asks me, I’ll spy for him too.’


’According to Mycroft’s files he’s a huge fan of yours.’

Sherlock leaned towards the woman with a serious face.

’To be a double or a multiple agent is never a life insurance. None of your clients risks to let you go if you fail. It means….

’Certain death.’ - They ended the sentence together.

’You are fully aware of that. And you still work as a spy. But why? Wait, I find it out.’ - The detective looked around the room, then pulled out the drawer of the desk. He took out a picture of a seemingly ill woman.

Sherlock sad

’Your mother is ill. She’s in a wheelchair.’

'Yes. She’s the only person I love except Anthea. She’s very ill long ago. She has some chronic illnesses. She’s always very kind to me when I visit her in the nursing home…..New apartments will be completed there next summer. They offer a luxury service, which provides lifelong care, and the price includes an own convenient apartment. It also means own personnel and better food. I would like to give that to her. I’ll have the money next summer.’

’And if you get caught earlier?’

’I pray for this not to happen. If it happens, I’ll do anything to have a fast death.’

’Anthea or Mycroft could help your mother.’

’I've already been given so many favours.… What is more, Anthea doesn’t even know her. Our families split long ago. And my mother has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, she wouldn’t be able to tell anything. This is the only thing that counts besides my job. That I can do something good. My mother, my money, my business.’

’You don’t have too much chance as a stool pigeon.’

’You insult me again?’

’It’s not an insult, it’s a fact... Look, I haven’t helped you yet, but you’ll be at my service at the hospital. So it won’t be a favor. It will be a trade-off. You work for it. Do your task, collect money. But if I learn that you are caught, I promise to take care of your mother. I saw the photo. I saw the name of the nursing home at the bedsheet, but I could find her anyway. You can count on me.’

’Very well, thank you so much. It’s a pity that we haven’t met earlier, I could have helped you more dealing with Moriarty.’

’Do what I order, that’s enough. I don’t want to send a message to him. We can call each other and I won’t send him fake information with a spy. He’s the head of the biggest criminal organization of the world. It would be so easy for him to kill me. He’s got ten thousands of people. But he respects that I’m clever and determined. It’s a huge honor that he allows me to fight him face-to-face. As I have Mycroft and his agents, the balance of forces is compensated. I should rather not involve anybody else in this deadly game. But Jim is ready to kill, he manipulates people and he cheats. I do the latter two as well, but now the similar conditions are enough for me. I only want to cheat as much as is really needed, and I don’t want to make things more complicated.’

’I understand. But why are you here then?’

’Because of John….. He’ll be lonely and depressive after my death. He writes a blog and has his own fans. He’s an artistic soul. The messages of his fans mean so much to him. When an artist feels that he and his work is important for people, this gives him hope. I’d like to ask you to send fan letters to him. He knows Molly and Mrs. Hudson, so I can’t ask them. John is clever, he would identify them. But he doesn’t know you. As an IPOD CLUB agent, you’ve got access to countless tools for fake writing. You’re not a loving type, which is good. I don’t want you to send too sentimental letters, or go silly over him...

John Watson Blog

(Recommended site: Sherlock Holmes is the symbol of Hope)

... But mostly I don’t want John to conceit himself regarding his literary abilities.’

Nedi Ran laughed out loud.

’You’re amusingly annoying! John needs you to avoid low blood pressure?’

My friend didn’t react to this comeback.

’How much do you want?'

’We made a deal. I help you.’ - she said.

’That was another deal. This is a new request. How much do you want?’

’Three hundred pounds.’

He took his wallet and handed out the money. She examined the bankroll suspiciously.

’How can I be sure that these are not counterfeit notes? They look to new and too precisely positioned.’

’Nedi Ran! Do you want to see the receipt?’

’No, and I beg your pardon.’

’How much do you want for a further request?’

Nedi Ran was astonished.

’I’ve already fixed an appointment with Moriarty. His people and Mycroft’s agents are observing me. I noticed that I’ve been followed. Let them know why I’m here. And always keep this in mind: what you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.’


Sherlock season 5: Chapter 4. - Mycroft in despair

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" What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done. "
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: A Study in Scarlet

Sherlock Holmes tells Watson in The Sign of Four that he created his own profession, which is unique - that's why he is very proud of it.

The detective remarked several times that Watson needles the cases sometimes
and puts the emphasis rather on the emotions, while for Holmes logic was the most important.

Sherlockian Holmesian

Sherlock Assistant game
Please keep in mind that BBC's ’Sherlock’ is the creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Everything else is fanfiction.

Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch
John Watson - Martin Freeman
Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss
Nedi Ran - ? - top secret

Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

As we are Hungarians, we gladly use canonical references, allusions to the events happened in the BBC series Sherlock, and Hungarian references in the stories.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The story is by no means a prediction for the (possibly) upcoming Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with link. And if you want to, you can send us your theory or other Holmes-related writing: Send your article

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