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BBC Sherlock secret prison

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Chapter 6. - The secret prison 2.


Murderous attack upon Sherlock Holmes (Chapter 1.)

He took her to his cell. As he pushed a button, a wall descended, isolating them from the other prisoners.

’It’s sound-proof. The prisoners and the guards won’t hear us.’ - he explained.

’And what about the conversation we had outside?’

Sherlock was confident.

’I have enough influence on them. They won’t speak.’

’But the guards may tap the cell.’

’Do you think so? Mycroft thinks I’m harmless at the moment. He thinks I’m grateful for his help. I’m not watched. He doesn’t know what I know. I’m playing for time, but the time will come when I strike back……. Anyway, sometimes very unpleasant sounds come from here.’

’What do you mean?’

’When Mycroft gets too tired at the headquarters, he comes here to sleep. Do you think the MI6 would enjoy his snoring?’

’What is it what he doesn’t know?’

Sherlock smiled at Nedi Ran, who was sitting on the bed.

’Nice try. I won’t discuss it with you, little Miss Queen of Spies.’

Nedi Ran was crying as she huddled herself up in the corner of the cell. She felt remorse and she was also afraid of Sherlock. She told him what had happened to me. My friend angrily threw a book to the wall.

’Mycroft knew what had happened and didn’t say a word!’

’I am so sorry! I didn’t know John, I never wanted to hurt him. I wish I could turn back time .’

Sherlock lifted her up from the ground and pushed her to the wall.

'What have you said? You visit John every day?'

'Yes, though I know it's not much... Mycroft isn't happy about it.'

’Of course not! For Moriarty’s hitmen my death was the result of a screwed up action of an agent. My brother is well aware of the fact that you risk all this when you regularly visit a man whom you haven’t known before. John is my friend, and you, who are Mycroft’s assistant, take care of him. This may open the eyes of criminals. They also can disguise themselves or get information from health care workers or any other ways. If they access John’s medical data, they get to know that the first examination showed traces of some stupefactive injection. It’ll be easy to deduce that John had been knocked off of the events on purpose. If I really died, there’s no need for that at all. They realize that it was not a screwed up action, but a double tactical operation, an action in the action. And I’m alive. The fact that you regularly visit John confirms their suspicion.’ - he pushed her away angrily.

’I didn’t want this! I came for your help….. or for your forgiveness, at least.’

’A huge parade is organized with people dressed like me, with fake media news, to show how many fans mourn me. I also have my own death certificate and tombstone.

BBC Sherlock's tombstone

And then you leave new, dangerous traces. Dangerous for John and for me as well. You said: John needs medical care, he’s not well enough to be transferred to somewhere else. My brother can’t order permanent protection for him – nobody knows when will his condition improve…. Many agents would be engaged in protecting him and the attention would be very conspicuous. Jim has countless people and weapons, they could penetrate into the hospital. They could kidnap John and use him to lure me out…… It would be possible to commit bomb attacks and leave threatening messages, hoping that I show up.’

’So I…. I brought you to grief as well?’ - cried Nedi Ran.

’Don’t worry about me!’

She slipped down to the floor.

’Many people will die because of me! I just really can’t handle this.’

Sherlock didn’t care about her feelings. He was thinking.

’Mycroft doesn’t do anything for John. Why should he? Every battle has its victims…… In this case, John is a victim. He injured in the action covering my death. That’s why Mycroft does not do anything. He doesn’t want to endanger me or his action.’

’I thought I would be able to do good as a member of the IPOD CLUB. But I cause injury and death.’ - she lamented.

Sherlock didn’t look at her. He was staring in front of himself, and his voice was full with sincere, deep sadness.

’This happens, unfortunately….. I could tell you about the disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, when I could not do as much as I wanted…… She is in a coma. Mycroft could have saved her, but he didn’t do anything. He pleaded that researches are still in the experimental phase, and he can’t risk her life.’


’Mycroft has teams of scientists who conduct experiments that may help lots of people in the future…. They have many laboratories around the world, and medical science develops rapidly. Many years passed…. Let us be optimistic! Let’s presume that the remedy which regenerates the brain is effective enough – it can easily be, given that I got to know of its research years ago…. The remedy may be complete and accessible – the fact that Lady Frances hadn’t received it doesn’t contradict that. It was my case, and Mycroft forgot about it. He’s got so many things to deal with…. Anyway, maybe the demand can be realized now.’

The detective crouched opposite Nedi Ran.

’I hope you haven’t cracked up that much…..’ - he said merrily. - ’Could you remain an amusingly annoying woman?’

’What? Why?’

’Mycroft is not interested in taking action yet. He’s lazy. What is more, he got used to that his one word is enough and everybody obeys. He thinks he can affect you if he requests. We have to call forth the old fox. Let’s give him a good reason and he’ll move his ass. That ass is growing from eating too many bonbons!’

’What can I do?’

Sherlock grinned.

'One bonbon for Mycroft in the morning, to have a good start for the day. And keep visiting John to cause my brother some sleepless nights. Bring vitamin C with you!'

’I just don’t get it. So far it was a mistake, and now…. Why?’

’If you continue risking getting caught, Mycroft has to do something. He wouldn’t hurt you – for the time being. And if we’ll be smart, this won’t change, but he’ll try the special treatment on John. Then I persuade him to do the same with Lady Frances Carfax.’


BBC Sherlock series - season 5 (n)Opening

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The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:
The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

Sherlockian Holmesian

Vitamin C Albert Szent-Györgyi


Vitamin C was discovered by Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi. He was born in Budapest in 1893. In the 1920s he was researching abroad when he discovered an unknown compound in the adrenal gland. Returning to Szeged, Hungary, he tried to find a plant from that the material can be extracted in high amounts. He found out that paprika (capsicum) is very rich in ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – as he named the unknown material. His discovery made possible the producing of vitamin C in great amounts. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize soon in 1934, but he only received it in 1937. The scientist died in 1986. He is also known for discovering the components and the reactions of the citric acid cycle.

The effects of vitamin C:

- protects the cells from oxidative injuries caused by free radicals

- helps the normal functioning of the nervous system

- contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system

- helps the optimal producing of collagen, which has a role in maintaining the normal condition and functions of the skin, the teeth and gums, the ossature and gristles and the vascular system

- helps maintaining the normal psychological functions

- reduces the feeling of fatigue

- has a role in avoiding cancer and supports recovering from it

The most important sources of vitamin C are fruits (citrus) and vegetables.

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Sherlock Assistant game
Please keep in mind that BBC's ’Sherlock’ is the creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Everything else is fanfiction.

Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch
John Watson - Martin Freeman
Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss
Nedi Ran - ? - top secret

Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

As we are Hungarians, we gladly use canonical references, allusions to the events happened in the BBC series Sherlock, and Hungarian references in the stories.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The story is by no means a prediction for the (possibly) upcoming Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with link. And if you want to, you can send us your theory or other Holmes-related writing: Send your article

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