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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hoax, humour, jokes

Conan Doyle liked jokes.

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The Scottish writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became famous with his Sherlock Holmes novels. Thanks to his popularity he soon picked up new, influential friends. The following funny story remained to posterity about him:

Once he sent messages to his higher-up friends. According to some sources the number of the contacted people was five, while another resource mentions twelve persons. The form of the messages also varies by source - they were either letters or telegrams. One thing is agreed, the message was as follows:

„Run right now, your secret is out!”

His friends left the country within 24 hours and never returned. (They all had a reason to fear.)

Sherlock Holmes parodies

Conan Doyle also wrote three Sherlock Holmes parodies himself. The Mystery of the Spot Ball appeared in 1893, The Field Bazaar in 1896 - both were published in the magazine of the Edinburgh University, called The Student. The third parody, entitled How Watson Learned the Trick, appeared in 1924 in The Book Of The Queen's Dolls' House.

Conan Doyle write a letter

Conan Doyle writing a letter

Doyle was the subject of a hoax too

The smart coachman

The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once spent his summer holiday in France. The writer, who was world famous at that time, tried to travel incognito, but he could hardly wait to be recognized. When he was travelling home, he got into a hansom cab and bonneted.
- Where shall I take you, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? – asked the coachman.
- Have we met before, that is why you know my name? – asked the perplexed writer.
- No, sir, we have never met before. But I read in the papers that you spent your holiday in Marseilles, and people arriving from that place usually take a cab here. Your tanned skin suggests that you travel home from vacation. By your clothes it is clear that you are British, not French. Putting together these facts I came to the conclusion that you are none but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
- That’s incredible! You have the same logic as my character Sherlock Holmes! – said Doyle with enthusiasm.
- Tush! It’s an aggravation. – answered the coachman humbly. - It helped a lot that your name is on one of your suitcases.

Harry Houdini

The world famous illusionist, Harry Houdini was the friend of Doyle for some time past. Their friendship had been spoiled by the fact that the writer solidly believed in fairies, future-tellers and spookists, while Houdini knew exactly that there is jugglery behind all of them. In order to unveil the tricksters, he revealed some tweaks for the creator of Sherlock Holmes. For example, when he visited Doyle, he shook hands with Sir Arthur while he wore an artificial finger and it remained in Doyle’s hand. But the crackdown had the reverse effect – it verified the writer’s faith. After the incident he began to stress that Houdini had been able to perform his escaping tricks because he transcended the physical limits. So Harry Houdini became a spiritual being.

Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini

Did you know? Harry Houdini was born in Hungary, and Conan Doyle liked Hungary. Conan Doyle and Hungary

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Sherlock Holmes funny jokes

Classical Sherlock Holmes Jokes

Sherlock Holmes humor jokes 2.

Sherlock Holmes jokes 2.

BBC Sherlock Holmes funny jokes - Benedict Cumberbatch

BBC Sherlock Holmes Jokes

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Sherlock Holmes funny jokes

Classical Sherlock Holmes Jokes

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