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Thomas Bruce Wheeler books

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" Of the dozen or so guides to Sherlock Holmes's London, there are two that I recommend to (London) visitors: Arthur Alexander's Hot on the Scent and Thomas Wheeler's Finding Sherlock's London. Thomas Bruce Wheeler has devoted much time and energy to researching our capital city. As a step-by-step guide to the London of the Canon, it’s unbeatable. "

- Roger Johnson, Editor, The Sherlock Holmes Journal

You can buy Mr. Wheeler's books here: mxpublishing.com

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Free download: The London of Sherlock Holmes Presentation

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Thomas Bruce Wheeler - The London of Sherlock Holmes book:

Thomas Bruce Wheeler The London of Sherlock Holmes

The London of Sherlock Holmes - book chapter

Sherlockian Holmesian

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London and Sherlock Holmes , 221b Baker Street , Free Download

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