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Jessica Lisette Elementary interview

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When we offered you the possibility to send your artwork, we didn’t suspect such amazing popularity. We received articles, book recommendations, a poem, and we got to know really talented fans. We must confess that we were afraid of the category ’Music’, but luckily a beautiful and very-very talented singer contacted us, whose work we wholeheartedly recommend. She is Jessica Lisette. The singer and songwriter was born in the USA, but she has Cuban origins. She sings and composes in English and in Spanish. Her music combines various styles. She released her first musical video (in English and in Spanish) in 2014, and her most recent single „Elementary” was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories and by the Sherlock series of BBC. It is fantastic that the adventures of the world’s greatest detective inspire so many people.

Sherlockian Holmesian


- What is your favourite Sherlock Holmes story?

- My favorite story is the Adventure of the Sussex Vampire because at one point, I was actually convinced that the mother of the baby had to be a blood sucking vampire. All signs pointed to it. However, when Sherlock starts to explain his deductions everything starts making perfect sense. That’s what I love about the Sherlock stories is how all the clues are presented to the reader, but still the reader needs Sherlock to make sense of them.

- Who is your favourite Sherlock Holmes actor?

- Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite Sherlock Holmes actor because I love the intensity and attitude he brings to the role. I also love his voice and the way he talks.

- Which adaptation do you like the most and why?

- I like the BBC adaptation. I like how the show kept so many of the details and storylines from the books, but set the characters in the 21st with a whole new range of technology and possibilities to explore.

- What do you like the most in the detective?

- I admire how Sherlock sees the world. It’s amazing for me to imagine being able pick apart a person’s life story just by the clothes they wear. Also, Sherlock himself was a very snazzy dresser. So I admire his fashion sense as well.

- What inspired you to write a Holmes-themed song?

- A couple of years ago, I was reading an article online about Holmes and it included the quote “You see, but do not observe.” I remember thinking “Wouldn’t love be easier if people knew how to observe the little things in life?” Once I had the idea in mind, the melody came soon afterwards.

- How did you come to the idea that Watson is played by your sister in the clip?

- First of all, my sister is a huge fan of Sherlock and especially of Dr. Watson. Martin Freeman is her favorite actor. In real life, my sister and I are a team much like Watson and Holmes. Our personalities complement each other. I couldn’t imagine doing a Sherlock themed music video without Watson because at the end of the day what would Sherlock be without John?

- Who helps you the most in your singer/songwriter career?

- I’m very thankful to have the support of my family helping me on my journey. They all have believed in me ever since I can remember and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I would not be doing what I am doing today if it weren’t for them.

- How important are traditions for you?

- Traditions are very important to me. I was born in the United States, but my family is originally from Cuba. Even though we grew up speaking English, my mom made sure that my sister I would know how to speak Spanish fluently in order to maintain our heritage. That is why I write many of my songs in both English and Spanish. The Spanish version of “Elementary" is called “Elemental” and the music video will be coming out soon.

- That beautiful collected Holmes stories book is your own?

- Yes, it is. It’s my one of my favorite books I own. It is really a beautiful copy.

- What do you like in Doyle’s stories?

- One of the things I really like about Doyle’s stories is the writing style. It reads so smoothly and is still engaging after more than a century. When I first started reading the stories as a teenager, I remember thinking that the writing style wasn’t much different than the books that are being written today.

- Do you play any musical instruments?

- I play some piano, but mostly my instrument has always been my voice. I started studying voice at seven years old and have always been in love with singing.

- What would you like to give your fans? Is there a special message you’d like to deliver through your songs?

- Most of my songs revolve around the topic of romance. Despite being a part of a culture that likes to claim that “romance is dead”, I like to write songs that highlight different experiences and emotions that come with being in (or out of) love. Because not every aspect of love or life is easy, I hope that listeners will be able relate to and connect with my music.

- What is your dearest/nicest experience in connection with your fans?

- I had a young girl leave a long and heartfelt comment on my video saying that she had had a dream very similar to the “Elementary” music video story line. She told me that because she had connected with the song on such a deep level that she’d been listening to it on repeat nonstop everywhere she went. It means so much to me when someone is able to assign their own feelings and experiences to one of my songs because at the end of the day, that’s what making music is all about.

We would like to say again how grateful we are for Jessica Lisette's kindness.
We wish her all the best and lots of joy.

Date: 02/12/2015
© All Rights Reserved.

Sherlockian Holmesian

You can have a look at Jessica's site here:

Jessica Lisette Elementary interview
" Elementary " song lyrics:

They tell me that you’re wondering
They tell me that you’re asking about me
Do I really love you?
Is that even a possibility?

What if i were to tell you
That it’s really not so hard to see?
You don’t need to be a private eye
To figure out who's always on my mind


Cause if by now you haven’t learned
It’s because you see, but do not observe
Cause if you look in my eyes
And follow the signs
Sooner or later you’d realize
that I’m not a mystery
You should know what you mean to me
Just take a look at the clues that I’m leaving for you
My love is plain to see
Dear, it’s elementary
Oh oh oh it’s elementary
Oh oh oh it’s elementary my dear
(Verse 2)
So if you’re searching for the truth
Not knowing that my heart belongs to you
You don’t need to make assumptions
It’s the only logical deduction

If you eliminate the impossible whatever remains
Must be the truth
Oh oh oh baby, can’t you see?
I’m yours indubitably

Sherlockian Holmesian

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How to think like Sherlock Holmes

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