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Intellectual Parasites Of Diogenes (IPOD) Club

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Intellectual Parasites Of Diogenes Club


A long time ago in a galaxy near, very near…exactly here happened that Mycroft Holmes (who is the British Government himself, and as we know, the ruler of the world) thought that because of his future plans it is worthwhile to add a new department to the legendary Diogenes Club. He established a new, upper-class society what is so secret that - according to official sources - it does not exist and even the founder himslef does not know anything about it. As in the ancient times someone called Diogenes „a highly cultured intellectual parasite”, we think we have to respect the historical traditions and out of defiance we will prove that it is good to be an intellectual parasite. This inspired the name of the club and the theories of the members.

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Mycroft Holmes Diogenes Club

President: Mycroft Holmes,
Mycroft Holmes – who will never admit that the Club exists (out of security reasons). He will neither deny nor confirm anything in connection with the Club.

Substitute intellectual parasites: Revati and SherlockExtra

Occurrence of parasites: Hungary, Great Britain, USA
and many other (secret) countries

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The intellectual parasite

1. The intellectual parasite is a learned and sophisticated being. If he/she happens not to suit the requirements, it is not the parasite’s fault and he/she tries to resolve the situation with style and dignity. Before you accuse us of being arrogant, remember: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” So, we are not fish who climb trees, we are intellectual parasites.

2. The intellectual parasite regards Diogenes the greatest philosopher, thinks Alexander the Great was the king of kings, while for him/her Mycroft Holmes is the ruler and the most superb thinker of the modern world.

Recommended site: Alexander the Great and Sherlock Holmes

3. The intellectual parasite needs no artificial brain stimulators. Chocolate provides endorphines and books act as the sources of intellectual pleasure.

4. The intellectual parasite likes Sherlock Holmes stories and anything else that contains information about Mycroft Holmes and his relatives. Naturally the Canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the most valuable thing for him/her.

5. The intellectual parasite is usually active. Being smart, he/she never suffers from creative crisis. He/she calls the state of doing nothing „creative standstill”, and requires his/her environment to use this title too.

6. The intellectual parasite knows that basic rules are to avoid chaos. For this very reason a parasite never pays dues, never seeks the company of other club members, never talks to them, never buys them gifts, never goes to party with them and never thinks about them. He/she solely follows the orders of Mycroft Holmes. With all these lots of negative events can be eliminated. It is evident for the intellctual parasite that this way he/she contributes to the harmony of the club, to world peace and to his/her own intellectual development. He/she can be proud of that rightly.

7. The intellectual parasite understands that most people do not see, hear and talk about meaningful things. When he/she does the same, it is only for mix with.

8. The intellectual parasite likes silence and to be alone. He/she lives the life of the misunderstood genius, but does not set himself or herself before the others, neither despises people, nor hates them. Albert Einstein’s wise saying is familiar for a parasite: „Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.”

The mottos of the Club are:

SALUS PER SILENTIUM (Silence makes you healthy or Health through silence)

SILENTIUM EST LIBERTAS (Silence is freedom)

9. In the Club silence can be broken only with justifiable reasons.

10. a. It is clear for the intellectual parasite that the media is manipulative. He/she does not accept everything as trustworthy information what appears in the newspapers. Violent programmes should be avoided. The intellectual parasite knows that a true piece of art gives hope, zest for life, or has moral in it. Artworks that do not have at least one of these features are only quickies, made by troubled people.

10. b. As the intellectual parasite is a good-willed creature, he/she never uses drastic methods. It is obvious for him/her that thinking offers the most wonderful solutions and it also helps to avoid problems. As Albert Einstein put it: “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”

10. c. In most of the movies and films people do not bother to greet each other when they meet, talk on the phone or chat – they just tell what they want. This attitude is spreading rapidly in real life as well. The intellectual parasite always honours others by greeting them. He/she knows that being polite is a perpetual virtue and sentient beings can appreciate it.

11. The intellectual parasite is optimistic. He/she is well aware of the fact that as our thoughts need care too, not just our bodies. To accomplish this goal, the parasite finds time to valuable, positive thoughts. This way his/her intellectual development is fostered and at the same time the parasite cheers up his/her environment as well.

11. a. In emergency: the intellectual parasite always has time to culture. Even on a heavy day he/she searches for some inspirational quotes.

12. The intellectual parasite never judges others by their looks, financial status, profession, religion, gender, age or nationality. He/she believes that there are merits in everyone. As Sophocles said: “Numberless are the world's wonders, but none more wonderful than man.”

13. The intellectual parasite is elegant in and out. He/she is always well-groomed and neat. This corresponds the words of Josh Billings: “Genius after all ain't anything more than elegant common sense.”

14. The prohibition of gifts naturally does not apply to Mycroft Holmes, who is the ruler and the greatest thinker of the modern world. Please use umbrellas for packaging!

Mycroft's gift packed in an umbrella

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Intellectual Parasites Of Diogenes Club

Intellectual Parasites Of Diogenes (IPOD) - Club Registration:

Since the Intellectual Parasites of Diogenes is a secret club, no personal data of the members will be published, and headcount data are seriously guarded.

Diogenes Club

Click on the picture for registration

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