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Sherlock Holmes is the character who appears in the most plays. Our website deals with the effects the great detective has on different branches of culture and with his other cultural respects as well. Naturally it includes plays about/connected with the character. We gladly advertise such plays free of charge. In return we only ask the theatres to refer to our site with a link. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

We do not want to advertise adaptations that promote misbeliefs and show a largely modified version of the Canon's detective. (More information: Common misbeliefs about Sherlock Holmes)

Important note: we do not have any profit from these advertisements.

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Elementary, My Dear Fellow

A Reading of “Elementary, My Dear Fellow,” a play in one-act by Shera Cohen

The event is free but donations are encouraged.

Place: The Mark Twain House & Museum Hartford, CT -
The Mark Twain House & Museum
351 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105-4401

Date: Thursday, February 11, 7:00 p.m.

“Elementary, My Dear Fellow” tells the story of William Gillette, renowned actor/playwright/inventor, Hartford born and bred, and most importantly, the original Sherlock Holmes. In 1896, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle literally handed his celebrated books to this constantly employed yet rarely satisfied American actor, telling Gillette to do whatever he pleased with Sherlock as he was tired and bored with the detective. This was the impetus to Gillette’s famous and long career. Gillette not only molded the Holmes’ stories into plays and wrote many of his own creation, it was Gillette who dressed Holmes in what has now become the character’s instantly recognizable image.

However, William Gillette was far more than Sherlock Holmes. Admittedly, even Gillette often entangled the two – man and character – through much of his later career and life. The play is William Gillette’s journey onto the stage, the people who helped him, his joys and tragedies. It may not be surprising that Gillette was a rather quirky, sometimes naïve, and enigmatic man…certainly, a man worthy of meeting.

Cast List & Readers

William Gillette read by Martin Shell

Charles Frohman read by Frank Aronson

Helen Nichols read by Jarice Hanson

Yukitaka Osaki read by Luis Manzi

Arthur Conan Doyle read by Tim O’Brien

Woman read by Kristen Anne Ferraro

Man read by Keith Purcell

Narrator/Stage Manager -- Julie Waggoner

There will be a free will offering taken. Reservations are recommended. Please call (860) 247-0998

William Gillette Sherlock Holmes

William Gillette played Holmes in silent movies as well, he is more famous from portraying the leading character more than 1300 times in a stage play that was written by himself. He added so many things to the figure that he deserves to have a separate article. You can read here: William Gillette, the true friend of Sherlock Holmes

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Potted Sherlock

All sixty Sherlock Holmes stories retold in eighty elementary minutes! This delicious romp through the canon of Arthur Conan Doyle is fabulous fun for the whole family.
Double Best Entertainment Olivier Award nominees Dan and Jeff star in the London premiere of their new show, hot on the heels of worldwide hit Potted Potter and festive funhouse Potted Panto.
‘Like Sherlock Holmes himself, cleverness and wit triumphs over a seemingly impossible task.’ ***** The List
‘This is great family entertainment.’ **** British Theatre Guide
‘Casts the perfect spell over the audience.’ New York Times – Critic’s Pick
‘Gloriously irreverent.’ Time Out London – Critic’s Choice
Vaudeville Theatre

Please visit:

Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlock Holmes Theatre Play

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Detailed article: Sherlock Holmes actors

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