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Sherlock series 5 season five red circle

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BBC Sherlock series 5 season episode 1-2.



Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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BBC Sherlock season 5 red circle


The mystery of the Red Circle brought a mournfully tragic time for London and one of the most brutal crimes of world history. The evildoer behind it was cruel and clever, whose identity shocked everyone. It was clear to me that the game was already on, but just like in nature there is calmness before a heavy storm, we had some quiet, peaceful days at Baker Street before the bloody assassinations of the serial killer.

My girlfriend moved in, and we often had delightful card games with Mrs. Hudson. Nedi Ran regularly came to learn from me as it had been ordered for her. She was shy, she did not accept any food, and she was uncomfortable when I was closer to her that one or two meters, but considering her tough past I respected her sensitiveness. Fortunately the world offered countless logical problems and we exercised our brains together. I was lucky enough to find a job as the lector of medical books at a publishing house. I also tried to find any traces of Sherlock Holmes. I carefully observed whether his or Mycroft’s people follow me or not, and I paid close attention to criminals. I thoroughly studied all letters arriving at our address. I tried to deduce what Sherlock can do now and where he can be. I came to the conclusion that nobody is following me. My famous friend surely started a whole new life – as every secret agent when he/she has to -, he disguises himself and has a job, because he also needs money to make a living.

Then, on a Friday morning, a strange letter arrived. It contained an invitation addressed for me. It stated I have to go to Hyde Park, because I’m the winner in a prize game – my name had been chosen from all the people living in London. It was written that I receive a gift and a voucher to the Sherlock Holmes Theme Park, where the entrance is free, you only have to pay for the different equipments you’d like to use. The letter said I have to be there on that day at 5:30 p.m., and it emphasized that when being there, I’ll have to stand into the Red Circle at the crossing of the roads. The Sherlock Holmes Theme Park opened two months ago, and on the first month after its opening I went there each day, but all I found were countless Sherlock lookalikes and the funfair attractions. But this invitation arrived with a reason. I was hoping for the spectacular appearance of my friend, and I also suspected this was Mycroft’s trick to lure him out. The appointment suited me, and I have to confess that my curiosity was so big that it was clear that I’ll be there. I had to be there.

At 5:00 p.m. I was already standing in the red circle that was painted on the asphalt. It was large enough for one person to stand in it. Undoubtedly I had been waited for here. I was observing the happy crowd that was flowing on the roads. After a while I began to be bored, then I got thirsty, so I asked the vendor of the nearby huge stall to give me a cup of warm tea. The white-bearded old man, who was relaxing in his chair, grumpily lifted his cane and hit the plate showing the opening hours.

’The stall isn’t open yet. It is written here that I’ll open at 6:00 p.m., don’t you see?’

’My good man! You are already here, and I pay for it. As I see you’ve already unpacked and the cabinet is also full. All the other stalls are open. Would you give me a tea, please?’

’I don’t make any exceptions! I follow the regulation.’ - the old man answered reluctantly. ’Anyway, why do you bother a peaceful old lad? If you want to make yourself useful, there are some boxes in front of my tent, bring them in. I am weak and I have to take a rest. Help me and maybe I’ll give you some tea after 6:00 p.m.’

’What a go!’

Suddenly Nedi Ran appeared by my side.

’Hello, John! What are you doing here?’

’Hello! I got an invitation.’

’You too?’

’For 5:30 p.m.?’


’Blimey! It’s not a good sign.’

’I think so. It’s very suspicious.’

We looked at each other in despair. We looked around, then had a glance at the skinny old man who was slumbering in his seat. Nedi Ran remarked:

’The letter said I get a perfume as a present. And I received 500 pounds with the invitation. It promised another 500 here. I knew this was too good to be true. Pay close attention, John, this is a trap.’

’It’s elementary. What had your boss said about it?’

’He doesn’t know that I’m here. I found the letter in front of my door this morning. We haven’t met at the office. Though I’m sure he would suspect some danger and would not let me be here. But I’m curious, and maybe I can discover something – it will be a good point for me. We still have some time, but these goddamn lookalikes are very annoying.’

We tried to scan the area, as several Holmes lookalikes passed by. Nedi Ran continued.

’It’s hard to see clearly. It escapes me how girls feel comfortable in that heavy coat. And how much I hate this hair! It’s so criss-crossed, and after visiting the hairdresser my forehead tickles for days from this stupid fringe. I’m sure my boss hates me.’

’Why do you say that?’

’Because not every agent ladies have to dress and look like this. He’s kidding me, for sure.’

’Did he reduce your salary?’


’Don’t make any worries then. He surely has his reasons for expecting this outfit. I think you’ve got sensitive skin – that’s why it tickles.’

’And these bloody shoes get dirty so soon. I clean them with a handkerchief in vain.’

’It’s not the exact kind of shoe that my friend wears.’

’I have small feet, that was what fitted me.’

’Why don’t you have a small spray bottle with you?’

Nedi Ran looked at me curiously.

’It would make it easy to clean. I always have one with me. It's filled with water. Here you are!’ - and I gave it to her. She gratefully said thank you and leaned down to clean her shoes. When she upended I asked her:

BBC Sherlock Nedi Ran's phone
’Don’t you think that this all is the trick of your boss to lure out the annoying You-know-who? Maybe that’s the reason he wasn’t in his office. He might have prepared something.’

’Well….. I don’t think so. I’m not in friends with You-know-who, but my boss is a fair man who tells me directly what my task will be. Though he has his own secrets. And You-know-who hates me, he wouldn’t show up just because I’m here…. I think it would be good to tell somebody about this strange situation. I call him.’

She gave back my spray-bottle and took her phone out of her pocket. But nobody answered the call that was directed towards the name Margit Kass. She repeated the call several times, but nothing happened.

’Screw it! England needs you, answer! That can’t be true!’ - she rampaged loudly.

Her voice woke up the seller who stood up with a sweet smile.

’Bonjour! I’ve got popcorn, lollipops and cookies. What would you like, mademoiselle?’

’Hello! Thanks, but I don’t want anything.’

’Choose something, I have so many delicious treats.’

I was outraged.

’Wait a minute! When I wanted a tea you refused it, and now you want to serve her before the opening time?’

’I’m always polite with ladies’ – said the old man, smiling at the young woman.

’You’re really very kind, but I don’t want anything. I’m not hungry.’

The old man’s answer was really strange. He said:

'The energy is needed. There is not achievement without energy. Some delicacy will cheer you up. Would you like to have some mango-ananas sauce with it? Believe me, it’s total bliss! You can’t have it anywhere else. It’s my own recipe, and if I can give you another good advice, enjoy your popcorn besides the lake, there, behind the trees. You can see beautiful swans.’

’Thank you very much. Can I have a cup of tea as well? For this young man…. Please, sir!’

The seller took a deep breath but made a tea. Nedi Ran handed it to me, said thank you again and wanted to pay. The old man snarled at her.

’Leave me alone, mademoiselle! You don’t have to pay for anything. I’m a self-sufficient man, I don’t need money from women. Go to the lake and have a nice time. Go, or I call a policeman! I don’t like food stealers. And I can be rude – so rude that you would ran away from me as far as Paddington Station.’ - he hit his stand with his cane and shooed us away.

’All right then, I have something to do after all.’ - said Nedi Ran and took her popcorn. ’Thank you very much again, sir, and good luck! The same to you, John!’

I said her goodbye and as she passed by she showed me the screen of her mobile phone. I saw the emergency number. I knew she’ll call the police.

Sherlockian Holmesian

’Now that you had your tea, hurry and bring those boxes in. You have to put out all the goods I sell and to do the administration for the opening. Do you think some stuff on the counter is my whole supply?’

’How did you put out and administrate those?’

’I did it myself, and I really got tired of it. Hurry, man!’

’Okay, I help you. But you could be nicer to me in spite of the fact that I’m just a man.’ – I grunted and picked up the boxes. I followed the hunched old man inside the tent.

As we were inside, the seller squared his shoulders and made some strange moves. I was gobsmacked. Wearing all black and looking like a majestic graceful black panther, there stood Mr. Holmes in front of my eyes.

’That’s unbelievable! Mycroft!’

’We don’t have much time. Nedi Ran wasted it as well. There’s a bulletproof vest and a black deerstalker. Put them on!’

I did as he ordered.

’So you didn’t know she’ll be here?’

’No, but she doesn’t matter. I also had an invitation yesterday evening. Did yours tell to stand into the red circle?’


’I ordered my people to search the park in the morning. They found nothing suspicious, let alone this painted circle. I fear you’ll be a target.’

’I don’t like it.’

’Too late for lament. You got into the game when you came here.’

’I know. That explains the vest. And what if I’ll be shot in the head?’

’I have my agents scattered around. We do what we can. The deerstalker is also bulletproof. Though it doesn’t mean a perfect defense, and it’s a little bit uncomfortable. Such a hat doesn’t exist officially, do you understand?’

’Of course.’

Then Mycroft said a French name, and a hunched, old man appeared from behind a pile of boxes. He looked just like the disguised Mycroft. He went out, and it was clear to me that from now on he’ll be the seller. It dawned on me that the elder Holmes diverted Nedi Ran deliberately, and he asked for my help for coming inside the tent. Though the presence of his twit agent changed things a little bit, his reaction was fast and effective. But the most staggering thing was his ability to transform. Neither me nor Nedi Ran recognized him in his disguise. He sat down at a mirrored desk. He pasted a huge nose on his face, then a moustache and a beard. He cut his hair a little bit and put on a pair of glasses. Suddenly there was a stranger in front of me. We went out of the tent together.

’I am so grateful that you have helped my father! It’s always a pleasure to meet a helpful person. Giving a hand with the boxes and making the administration was a huge help. We still have so many things to do: we’re opening in a few minutes. Thank you very much again, and I’m glad that you accepted the deerstalker for your services. I wish you the best, sir!’ - he told me, then went back inside. Not long ago I had two acquaintances with me, and I knew that the secret service observes me, but I still felt lonely.

I stood into the red circle again, but my heart was beating fast. My thoughts were wandering. ’Is it Moriarty who wants to lure out Sherlock? No, if he would read my blog he should know that Sherlock forgot me years ago. A friend wants to know what happens with his/her friends. My life doesn’t appeal to Sherlock for ages.’ I glanced at my watch – it was 5:52. ’Shit! I cannot be the target. I could have been killed by now. Oh, no!’

I ran into the tent. I got an angry look from Mycroft, but I was happy that he’s unharmed.

’It’s not me whom they want….. Nothing happened.’

’They just stonewalling. They plan something. Go back to your place!’ - he ordered coldly.

’I think that you are the target!’ - I shouted, grabbed him and wanted to bring him out of the tent.

Then terrible noises came from the outside. Queen’s Killer Queen began to bellow, and after that came the agonizing screams of many people. The ruler of England stopped to resist, that sounds of horror persuaded him. We went outside together. Standing in front of the stall we saw lots of people fleeing in panic, while others stood motionless, seemingly shocked. Many Sherlock lookalikes tried to find shelter, women and children were crying, and a killing machine was still working.

Sherlockian Holmesian

Many roads focussed at the centre of the Sherlock Holmes Theme Park. We recoiled in front of the stall, next to the red circle. Here, at the big crossing there was a lawn before us, and there stood a huge red merry-go-round, which was the biggest sensation of the park. People surely thought it was nice. It looked like this:

BBC Sherlock killer merry-go-round.jpg

But now there was a metal arm stretching out from the body of it. It was able to move towards all directions. It proceeded with deadly preciseness, with planned speed, and its aim was clear. There was a huge, sharp blade at the end of the robotic arm, which cut the head of the person who was in the closest seat. Somebody chose to jump out of the seat. Heads were falling, blood was flowing and screams could be heard everywhere. The terrible scene was accompanied by the sound of the merry-go-round, and the Killer Queen was still bellowing.

Mycroft started to run towards the merry-go-round and I followed him. I saw other men running there, and I knew that they are his agents. I also noticed several policemen among them.

’Close the park! Call the emergency!’ - shouted Mycroft. - ’Bloody hell! Half of the visitors are killed before the eyes of my best agents and the police!’

BBC Sherlock Claes Bang Vestmenfort
We had to stop, because a head fell in front of us. I noticed a tall, sharp-faced man wearing black clothes. It’s not a habit of mine to judge anybody based on their looks, but he seemed frightening. With swept-back hair he could have portrayed Count Dracula in a horror movie. He was standing on the platform of the merry-go-round, next to the dashboard, pushing the buttons.

’On the platform, Mycroft!’ - I shouted and pointed towards the mysterious man who controlled the danger.

’Yes, I see him.’

We forked through the fleeting crowd, but till we reached to the platform, the man had already started to destroy the dashboard with a baseball bat.

’We won’t be able to stop the machine now.’ - I got exasperated.

The man turned to Mycroft.

’The park had been closed. The emergency units are on standby. That stuff didn’t stop, I hit it in vain.’

’Obviously it had not been operated from here.’ - answered Mycroft.

This conversation made it clear that the respectable looking man is his agent. We all had a look around, trying to find the spot from where the machine was operated, but saw nothing. We knew that the controls must be close. Then the recognition sprung into my mind.

’This platform is huge – maybe there’s something underneath.’

We jumped down and examined the platform. We found a door, and „Dracula” pushed it in. Somebody was in the small chamber, in front of another dashboard, which was below a tiny window. The agent rousted out the mysterious figure with his enormous hands. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was Anderson, and he was crying.

’It wasn’t me!…. I had been hired to operate the merry-go-round two months ago. There was no problem with it until now. I could not kill anybody.’

„Dracula” shouted from the chamber.

’The OFF button doesn’t….. Which damn button stops it?’

’It doesn’t work! It just doesn’t work!’ - cried Anderson, utterly despaired.

Mycroft held out his umbrella to his agent, and he smashed the dashboard. But the fast blades have already finished their brutal task by then. The chairs with the beheaded corpses reached the ground. They were covered with blood.

’Vestmenfort! Take him to interrogate!’ - said Mycroft, pointing at Anderson. - ’John, this is Vestmenfort, one of my deputies. Vestmenfort, this is Dr. John Watson.’

The tall man nodded towards me, then handed Anderson to some other agents, and they all left.

Sherlockian Holmesian

Suddenly the pictures of the bloody massacre appeared on the huge display besides the merry-go-round. We heard a gruesome question.

’Missed me? I have given you a chance, Sherlock Holmes! We had our fight, but the battle is not over yet! Now combat the Killer Queen!’

Moriarty’s face appeared on the display. It seemed like he was standing on a small revolving stage. A frightening female figure was standing behind him. She wore a red wig and her face was covered with white makeup. We could clearly see the „Live” sign at the corner of the display. The Queen grinned, then she said in a distorted voice:

’From this evening I’ll daily torture, castrate and kill a man, then I’ll paint a red circle around them with their own blood. Many will die. Try to catch me, Sherlock Holmes!’ - and she laughed diabolically.

The display darkened. Everybody’s blood run cold after hearing her awful message.

Sherlockian Holmesian

’The painted circle was there to divert our attention. The real circle is the merry-go-round, and it’s red because of the blood.’ - said Mycroft.

I agreed. We noticed that there were some people who survived the horrific ride. They have already got out of the seats. They were all women, who obviously suffered a shock, but were intact otherwise.

’Mycroft! They are Molly, Donovan and Irene Adler!’

Molly and Donovan were crying and screaming histerically.

’Oh, my God! Oh, my God!’ - shouted Molly.

’I’ve almost died! They wanted to kill me! They wanted to kill me! They are psychopaths! They wanted to kill me! These nasty psychopaths wanted to kill me!’ - cried Donovan, gasping for air.

Irene was calm. There was no trace of worry on her face.

’You went for a ride? What the hell is going on here? All my female staff went crazy?’ - Mycroft asked her.

’I have a day-off, and I got an invitation from you.’

’From me?’

’Yes. The letter said Sherlock Holmes returns tonight. It also said that I have to go for a ride on the merry-go-round. It was signed with an M. I thought I got a reward, because I do an excellent job.’

’M? That’s for Moriarty, and not for Mycroft! Do you know me as someone who gives rewards for nothing? Why haven’t you asked me?’

BBC Sherlock Season 5 Irene Adler
’It’s irrelevant now. Only a fool would not use the opportunity to have some fun for free….. The temptation was huge…. Wow! Men who were killed. That was awesome! I enjoyed it very much... I’ll write my report, boss.’ - she answered mockingly, with a little smile in the corner of her mouth.

I was surprised that there can be some kind of connection between her and Mycroft. Then I remembered that Iranian terrorists kidnapped Miss Adler, but Sherlock quickly found and saved her. I presumed that he got the infos he needed from Mycroft’s files, then he infiltrated into the gang. - Maybe Mycroft helped him?

Irene walked away, still detached.

I had some questions. But we heard a conversation from behind us.

’Good that we were not on that merry-go-round! I told you it’s not allowed, didn’t I?’ - said a man.

Mycroft turned around. He was lost for words.

’Mother…. Father….’

I noticed that Mrs. Hudson stands nearby the old couple.

’Mrs. Hudson?’

’That’s awful, John! Tell me, how can such a thing happen?’ - she cried.

’What are you doing here?’ - I asked.

’I got an invitation. Some fun in the amusement park seemed so safe. The letter said Sherlock will appear. I hoped to see him, but this…. This is such a tragedy.’

I hugged her for comfort, while the old man still churned.

’Safe! Shucks! There’s the warning on the board that you are not allowed to have a ride when you’re under 18 or above 70. Are we above 70? Yes! I told you to leave it, one can easily have a heart attack on this. And you, ladies, were so insistent, I had to discommend you. But I was right. Why did we come at all? Amusement parks are dangerous. I don’t even go to the theatre – we all know what had happened to Lincoln.’

’Father, your stubborn compliance saved your lives this time.’ - said Mycroft. His parents stared at him surprisedly. It took them some time to recognize him.

’Mycroft? Is that you? What is going on here? Why was this massacre, and what have you done to yourself?’ - asked his mother.

’I’m not the executive of a publishing house. I’m the head of the secret service.’

’Son, why are you lying?’ - snapped his father.

’That’s the truth. Be proud of him! He himself is the British Government.’ - said I.

I knew Mycroft was deeply hurt by his father’s remark. Yet, he remained unblinking.

’We’ll talk about that later. This is an emergency. Do you see the tent by the popcorn stall? Go in there, you’ll be safe.’ - he ordered coldly.

The women were wise enough not to object. But the man resisted, so he was hurried into the tent by agents, while he churned continuously.

’Leave me alone! I have the right to be where I want to be! Mycroft! Mycroft! You have to explain this!I want to know what’s going on here.’

We were relieved when they were all in the tent at last. But the tragedy continued. Vestmenfort came back to us.

’Sir, I didn’t want to tell you in front of your parents, but I have the information that Sherlock Holmes died.’

’But how?’ - we both asked.

’Reportedly he was on the merry-go-round as well, and jumped off…. But it’s not officially confirmed yet. Witnesses told about it.’

’I understand. Please keep this fact from my parents. Let’s see the body.’

As we were heading to the lawn, Mycroft remarked:

’This story just doesn’t hold together.’

We saw the body in a long coat. Four paramedics were around it.

’That can’t be Shelock! The body is too short!’ - I realized.

Mycroft confirmed that I was right, but he used another way of logic.

’Sherlock wouldn’t sit on a merry-go-round of his own choice when there’s an emergency. It would be a dumb thing to do. He wouldn’t be able to see the area clearly.’

As we got closer, we recognized the body. It was Nedi Ran. Her head was bleeding and we also saw her cellphone in a puddle close to her.

’One problem solved.’ - said Vestmenfort bluntly.

Mycroft grunted.

’Why on Earth do women always want the expensive gift? Perfume? She should have eaten her popcorn….’

’She’s in critical condition.’ - said one of the paramedics.

’Vestmenfort! Take care of her! Take her to the category D+ hospital.’ - Mycroft ordered, then added: - ’Try to save as much info from her cellphone as possible. Find those goddamn invitations, maybe they’ll give us a lead. Close the borough. Close London. Check every phonecalls from London from…. Monday. Interrogate the witnesses. Setup an emergency hotline. Announce cash reward for useful information. Get all the surveillance camera footage from the borough. I want cellphone videos as well. And I also want a report on this killing machine. Inform the BBC that Her Majesty addresses an eulogy. The terror call is active.’

’Yes, sir.’ - answered Vestmenfort and run to do his tasks.

I was embittered as I glanced over the awful scene. Mycroft leaned down and reclined his hands on his knees. He relaxed with his eyes closed. The brutal events had their effects on him as well. I knew that he is the ruler of England, but I felt for the first time in my life the vast load he had on his shoulders as a high-ranked leader.

’Mycroft, if there’s a way for me to help, I’ll do what I can.’ - I offered.

’I failed’ – he said, blaming himself. - ’I focused on the wrong circle’.

’This is not your fault. You and your people did what you could.’

’I ordered to search the park, but….’

’It wasn’t a bomb or some poison. Nobody could reckon this. This was a new, mean trick….. Listen! If there is anybody who can catch those who made this, then he’s called Holmes.’

Mycroft haven’t said a word for a while, then a small, bittersweet smile appeared on his face.

’Now I understand why Sherlock said you are his friend. John, you can give hope even in the most cruel situations. Thank you.’

’Oh, that’s what he says? Well, if he’s my friend, then where is he? I don’t know anything about him.’

’You have to consider his situation. He’s in emergency. He doesn’t even contact me or our parents.’

’But you still protect him, despite of your strained relationship.’

’Analize our family relationships in another time.’

Vestmenfort came back and made his report.

’Sir, solely men had been killed. All the women are alive who were on the merry-go-round. They all know Sherlock. Miss Adler is fine, the other two are shocked. They got some tranquilizers and are on their way to hospital. But the deceased…. ’

’What about them?’

’I’m not totally sure of it, because there’s so much blood everywhere, but I took a look at the heads. I think all of them are sex offenders with criminal records…...It's my work and the hobby of mine to look through the rogue’s gallery, and I swear I had seen all these faces there.’

’Thank you, Vestmenfort. Check and confirm it!’

Vestmenfort turned towards me.

’John, you are a witness too. Here’s my card. Contact me or him’ – he nodded towards his boss – ’when something springs into your mind in connection with the events.’

I thanked him. He nodded, and went away to do his duties. Mycroft took a walkie-talkie and said:

’To units 645, 727 and 914! Stop searching for Sigerson immediately! Operation cancelled! I repeat: Operation Sigerson cancelled! Over!’

Then he stared in front of him, at the scene of the dreadful crime, and did something that made me admire him even more. He’s been able to find hope under those terrible circumstances. And his hope gave me strength.

’This craze has one good thing in it. I am sure that this crime lures out Sherlock Holmes.’

NEXT: Chapter 10. - The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Part 1-2.)

Sherlockian Holmesian


Please keep in mind that BBC's ’Sherlock’ is the creation of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Everything else is fanfiction.

We are not in connection with BBC in any way. The story is by no means a prediction for the (possibly) upcoming Season 5. It is simply our version of the events, a theory with the aim of inspiring others to think over the events once more. If new ideas struck you after reading the theory, please refer to our page with sherlockian-sherlock.com link. And if you want to, you can send us your theory or other Holmes-related writing: Send your article

Nedi Ran is portrayed based on the character in the flash game Sherlock's Assistant. Nedi Ran is her alias in the story.

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Date of publication: 16/03/2021

Sherlockian Holmesian


MARGIT KASS (anagram) = Mark Gatiss

Sherlockian Holmesian


Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch
John Watson - Martin Freeman
Mycroft Holmes - Mark Gatiss
Vestmenfort - Claes Bang
Mother & Father - Wanda Ventham + Timothy Carlton
(They are Benedict Cumberbatch's real parents.)
Mrs. Hudson - Una Stubbs
Jim Moriarty - Andrew Scott
Irene Adler - Lara Pulver
Molly Hooper - ‎Louise Brealey
Donovan - Vinette Robinson
Anderson - Jonathan Aris
Killer Queen - ? - top secret
Nedi Ran - ? - top secret

Sherlockian Holmesian

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