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Sherlock Holmes Hungarian Club

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The Hungarian Sherlock Holmes site ( was founded by the idea of Adrienn Fray (SherlockExtra) in the end of 2010. Actor Laszló Tahi Tóth (the Hungarian voice of Jeremy Brett) gave an interview to our site where he mentioned that Holmes fans should form a society. He became the president of the Club. But since our Hungarian Holmes site intrigued people who do not speak the language, it encouraged us to have an English version. We founded this website:

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting


Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

Ales Kolodrubec

Ales Kolodrubec, internationally recognized Sherlockian, president of the Czech Sherlock Holmes Club (Ceská spolesnost Sherlocka Holmese)

He discovered our Hungarian language Sherlock Holmes site. He sent his congratulations in email, and encouraged us to make an international page. He wrote that although he didn’t understand our language, but the large amount of the articles and the unique illustrations showed him we loved the character very much and worked hard on the site. That’s why he encouraged us to make an English language site to reach much more people. He was sure that foreign Holmes societies will appreciate our work. Fortunately Revati speaks English very well, so we could create an English language site. Mr. Kolodrubec was right, our site became successful.


Timothy Kline

Timothy Kline, american sherlockian, Sherlock Games collector

Timothy Kline is a Sherlockian for 30 years. He’s the member of several Sherlockian organizations (The Sherlock Holmes Society of London; The Crew of the Barque Lone Star; the French, German, Spanish and Swedish societies). He is a serious Sherlock collector for 25 years who has 5000 collected items (advertising, books, beer glasses, coins, coffee mugs, figures, games, lapel pins, posters, record albums and CDs, stamps, wine bottles and many more). He also had written 6 self-published books on collecting SH games. Over the years he had been spoken at many society meetings and 2 Sherlock Symposiums.

Timothy contributed photos to our website.

(The description includes data for 2022.)
Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting


Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

Csongor Herke
Prof. dr. habil Csongor Herke Dsc., academic, head of department

Professor Herke is an expert of criminal procedural law and forensic science, the lecturer of the course ’Sherlock Holmes and modern forensic methods’ at University of Pécs (PTE).

Year of becoming a honorary member: 2021

Information on the course: optional subject at PTE

Website: - the site has an English version

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

Gábor Lente

Prof. dr. Gábor Lente, academic, senior lecturer

Professor Gábor Lente is the director of the Department of Physical Chemistry & Materials Science at the University of Pécs. He very kindly helped our site with several Hungarian references in the topic of Sherlock Holmes and he also allowed us to publish his article entitled Sherlock Holmes, the chemist. He’s a huge fan of the detective, who likes to read the Canon both in English and Hungarian. He twice visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London.

Year of becoming a honorary member: 2021

Website: ScienceBits blog

Article: Sherlock Holmes, the chemist

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

József Sváb

József Sváb, illustrator, drawing teacher

József Sváb is a graphic artist who won the Pál Korcsmáros prize. He currently contributes to several comic magazines, and he is the author of the book ’Comic School’, which is the first Hungarian technical book on making comics. He made beautiful Sherlock Holmes comics based on the Granada series starring Jeremy Brett.

Year of becoming a honorary member: 2021

Online art gallery: Deviantart - József Sváb

Lambiek Comiclopedia: József Sváb

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

István Mészáros
István Mészáros, writer, Mari Jászai Prize-winnning actor

He’s the author of the play ’Sherlock Holmes and the strange case of Europe’s orphan – as put down by John Watson’. He rewrote the play because of the Covid pandemic and it had been premiered as a radio play in 2020, starring the actors of Szigligeti Theatre of Szolnok.

Year of becoming a honorary member: 2021

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting


László Tahi Tóth

László Tahi Tóth, Kossuth Prize awarded actor and painter

He lent his voice to Jeremy Brett in the Hungarian dubbed version of the Granada series. He also played Sherlock Holmes in two audiobooks and participated in a radio play about Conan Doyle’s hero.

Mr. Tahi Tóth gave an interview to our Hungarian language site. It was there where he mentioned it would be great to found a club for Sherlock Holmes fans. So The Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Fan Club was his original idea, and he supported it wholeheartedly. SherlockExtra founded the club. Mr. Tahi Tóth became our first VIP member, and he gladly accepted to be the honorary president – by the request of SherlockExtra. He remained our president till his death in 2018, so he could enjoy some of our successes. It’s very important for us to respect and keep his memory. He lives forever in our hearts.

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

The VIP title is given by the presidency of the Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club. It can be given to those who have outstanding merits in popularizing Conan Doyle’s hero, or to those who enhance the prestige of Holmes through scientific or artistic works. To make it clear: nobody can buy the VIP title. The only term of getting the title is the activity of good quality and high-standard work. This comes up to Sherlock Holmes as well, because he also thought that hard work is a merit.

VIP members receive a club card with their title.

Vip members do not have to meet all requirements of the Club Regulations. For example, foreign VIP members do not have to speak Hungarian.

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

Achievements we are proud of

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Hungary

Hungarian references in the life and works of Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Hungary

Sherlock Holmes and Hungary

Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

Sherlock Holmes logo


Long name: Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Fan Club
Short name: Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club
Hungarian long name: Magyar Sherlock Holmes Rajongói Klub
Hungarian short name: Magyar Sherlock Holmes Klub

Established in 2010

Location: Central Europe - Hungary (Budapest)

Member of Sherlockian Who's Who: Yes

The first hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club on Sherlockian Who's Who.

Member of Yes
Member of Sherlocktron: Yes
Mentioned in the Baker Street Almanac: 2021
Recognition from another club:

1, English site: - Sherlockian-sherlock information: About us
2, Hungarian site:

Rules: Regulations of the Hungarian Sherlock Holmes Club

Membership fee: free of charge
The Club has no magazine or journal.

- Special Members:

Revati - website editor, Sherlock Holmes Club administrator
More information: Sherlockian-sherlock Editors
SherlockExtra - webmaster, Sherlock Holmes Club administrator
More information: Sherlockian-sherlock Editors
Hungarian introduction: Fray Adrienn (SherlockExtra magyar bemutatkozása)

- Other Members: private information

Sherlockian Holmesian


Diogenes Club

Free and international club

Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting


Sherlock Holmes Fan Club Meeting

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